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Training Pictures

Dean, Doc, & Russel

   Vancouver, BC

Dean is the owner/operator at Vancouver Island Performance Tuning 

Russell is the owner/operator at Lonewolf Performance.

Both these guys have a passion for tuning and customer satisfaction.

Dean, Doc, & Russel
Brian Beckley



Brian Beckley is your tuning Guru at Zepka Harley Davidson in Johnstown PA.

Brian Beckley

MMI Students




My earlier days training at MMI Orlando.

Joshua smiles as the lights come on.

Joshua Vaht a MMI Student
Tech's at McDaniel's Harley-Davidson


McDaniel's Harley Davidson tech's calculating VE values from AFR graphs.

Tim & Greg entering the new VE values into the TTS Software.

Tim & Greg

Tim on the bike



Tim running a set of Throttle Position AFR test.

The McDaniel's tech's showing off their Certificates.

The Boy's at McDaniel's Harley-Davidson
Tony, Tom, & Joe



Tony, Tom, & Joe are the tuners from Horsepower Harley Davidson; here they are in the class room doing VE Calculations.

Tom is entering those VE Values into the TTS Program. 


We did sister stores here...Tech's from Indywest and tech's from Kokomo Harley-Davidson


Travis, Brian, Todd, Doc, Justin, Brandon, Aaron....Tech's from Indywest and Kokomo Harley Davidson.


Travis is the Service Mgr at Kokomo seen here working with Todd and Justin.

Travis, Service Mrg works with his Techs from Kokomo Harley-Davidson
The boy's from Inywest Harley-Davidson


Aaron, Brandon, & Brian working on VE edits from the AFR graphs.


Todd & Brandon entering the new VE values into the Tuner Software.

Todd & Brandon

Todd from Kokomo


Todd is entering the edits from the last set of runs, I bet he is wondering what to do with all those RED

Aaron recording some AFR throttle position runs to check out their last VE Table edit.

Brian, Aaron, and Brandon
Todd, Brandon, & Brian



Todd, Brandon and Brian displaying their Tuning Certificates.

On the right sits Dave and J from the elite JD's Cycle Works in Bethlehem PA.

Dave & J


Heath Rogers from H&D Cycles in Lillian Alabama is a young man you will read about some day. Heath amazed me with his engine building and tuning abilities .

As you can see, Heath loves the TTS MasterTune.



Brian and Danny at Zepka Harley Davidson just finished training on the 2010 Lambda EFI Mapping. If you're near Johnstown PA, be sure to have these guys tune your bike.

The boys from Rosa's Cycle in Huntington NY.

Super ''G'', Kenny, and Andrew tipping his hat.

What a great crew....and a SUPER shop.



Andrew tuning a 2010 with the new Lambda tables using the TTS MasterTune V-Tune Software.

The screen on the left is what Andrew is staring at.

Rosa's Cycle is ready for your 2010 Touring bikes .

It was a pleasure working with Andrew and his crew....kudo's to Rosa's Cycle Shop.

Keith, Dana, Mike, and Roscoe are the tuners at Green Mountian Harley Davidson that love the TTS MasterTune and the job it does. These guys have the zeal to make their customers happy so go see them for your tuning needs if your any where close to Vermont.


Here's the Boys from Alefs Harley Davidson in Wichita Kansas. What a crew....I had a couple of these guys in my class at MMI years back so it was good to see how well they where doing.

Look them up for your performance and tuning needs.

David, Tyler, Ernie, and Travis are the top shelf tuners at Harley-Davidson of Atlanta. These guys will tune your build to optimize your power with the new TTS MasterTune system. If your in the area be sure you drop by for you won't be disapointed.

I spent 6 days with these guys and needless to say it was a ball. It's always good to work with guys as smart as these.

Justin (left), Reviewing his class notes as he sets up the map to tune a new 2011 Ultra.

The crew from Kokomo Harley-Davidson on the right, Andy, Travis, Matt, Bud, and Brooks, in the Bottom left picture, are ready for you to drop off your bike for an incredible tune. 


It was a fun week with the boys from Kokomo Harley and I'm always pleased to see more good tuners become top shelf tuners. These guys are ready to make your Harley run the best it can....stop by and talk to Travis, you'll be glad you did.