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DynoJet Training

Equipping you for Expert DynoJet Operation – from WinPEP7 operation to comprehensive graph interpretation!  This class has it all – 3 days of intensive instruction with individual training materials and hands on training.  Learn how to make consistent “dyno” runs and include diagnostic runs for troubleshooting.  Analyze and interpret graphs to pinpoint electrical, mechanical, timing and fuel problems quickly and accurately.  All the ‘ins and outs’ of safe and efficient DynoJet operation are presented.  This class is ideal for new DynoJet owners and technician training.  Instruction handouts are provided.



EFI Tuning Training

Are you ready to take your Service Department to the next level?    

Learn about EFI Systems – what the system is and how and why it needs tuned.  All the details of EFI Tuner software navigation as well as the “bells and whistles” of the system are covered.  Technician teams learn;

-       to synchronize VE Tables with hands on training

-       optimize AFR tables

-       optimize Timing tables for optimum power and gas mileage

-       how to eliminate detonation and “dreaded decel popping”

-       navigate the Screamin’ Eagle Race Tuner and the AWESOME TTS Master Tuner Software

-       the latest and greatest V-Tune procedures with the new TTS MasterTune program

-       how to cut tuning time in half with all ’02 sensor equipped bikes.


This is our ULTRA top shelf training for both the novice and experienced tuner, it is packed into 4 days of hands on, intensive instruction and handout materials. 



“What’s New” Class

The 2010 Touring bikes have changed the tuning industry with their new Lambda Tables and reconfiguring the VE Tables from Throttle Position to a new kPa table. Doc's Training has all the answers for your techs to tune all the 2010 Touring Models.  Improve your customer satisfaction and cut your dyno tuning time in half!  Equip your technicians!  Invest in 2 days of training for the new TTS MasterTune - one day of classroom instruction and a day of hands on tuning with the new TTS V-Tune software.

This class is for the experienced tuner who has completed the HDU Screamin’ Eagle EFI Pro Super Tuner training or Doc's Performance Tuning EFI training. 



No Dyno...No Problem

The TTS MasterTune with it's new ''V-Tune'' Software does not require the use of a Dynamometer to get a perfectly good tune. All you need is a nice day to ride and a laptop.

This 2 day training program, one day of class room instruction and one day hands on tuning, will equip your Tech's to generate a GREAT tune. You will be impressed and your Customers will be in awe the way their bikes perform with the ''V-Tune'' process.  This is a perfect way to tune Harley's new Trikes....!

If your shop can't afford the expense of a Dyno, you can't afford not to look into this training. Be able to do those performance builds and tune them too, call today and book the ''V-Tune'' class.


All classes are 6 hours per day and are endorsed by TTS, Inc.

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