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Rocky Ray & Doc


Doc's Performance Tuning is owned and operated by I.D.''Doc'' Weaver. Doc has over 40 years of experience in the Harley Davidson Performance arena and over 12 years of Dyno Tuning.

Dyno tuning is no longer an option....dyno tuning is the LAST PHASE of a performance engine build, whether it's a mild street build or full blown race build, dyno tuning is a necessity....!!!

We do top shelf performance engine builds, incredible tuning for EFI and carbed Harley-Davidsons, and outstanding training programs to bring your tech's to the next level in EFI Tuning and Dyno Operations.

TTS Master Tune EFI Training Endorsed by TTS inc.



That will put your business on the road to increased revenue and inspire your technicians with confidence, that they have the knowledge and ‘know how’ to bring your Service Department to…




  • Ø  Over 40 years of experience in the Harley Davidson field!
  • Ø  Lead Instructor in the DynoJet Program at MMI for 5 years
  • Ø  Owned an Aftermarket Service & Repair Shop for over 32 years
  • Ø  Dealer Technician for over 6 Years
  • Ø  Harley Davidson factory trained in 1976-1978, 2006 and 2007…bringing the latest technology to the table!
  • Ø  Dealer EFI Training since 2006
  • Ø  Beta Tester for TTS Master Tune



Using the EFI Race Tuner, TTS Master Tune … presenting in depth, detailed information… the 02 Sensor and the latest tuning technology on the DynoJet 250 Series Dyno.



Equips your technicians with the knowledge and techniques to perform…

  • Ø  Dyno Operations – safely!  Correct use of the Dyno is key!
  • Ø  Graph Interpretation – to assist in troubleshooting problems quickly and accurately, providing excellent and efficient service!
  • Ø  Tuning Skills – how to obtain optimum performance for carbs, ignition systems and exhaust flow!



A good reputation is important in this day and age!  Training your technicians with the ‘know how’ to create outstanding packages for the way “your customer rides” speaks volumes about your dealership!   Learn how to choose the correct cam, determine the right compression ratios, and select the best gear ratios.

After training, ongoing support is just a phone call away – keeping your dealership informed with the latest in Hi-Performance technology!



Doc's Performance Tuning not only Instructs Harley Dealers and Independent Shops how to tune EFI systems we also have a passion for building Performance Harley engines from Mild Street builds to Pro Modified Drag Motors. We have several performance packages that are reliable and fun to ride.....try our 103'' package that knocks on the door of 120/122.

Doc's Performance Tuning also tunes individually owned Harley's, along with those we build, whether it is a full blown Dyno Tune or a quick V-Tune session we can meet your tuning and performance needs.