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Customer Feed Back

Jackpot Header Pipe, Dyno Tuned Mufflers Review


I am compelled to write this review of the Jackpot Headpipes and the Jackpot Dyno Tuned Mufflers. Before I get to that I need to start this review off by stating that I met Doc through these forums a few years ago when i was having issues getting my Street Glide to run properly. Doc was one of the few people that presented knowledge about how to tune using the SERT. He helped me finally get my SG run correctly but I had not used him as a tuner. I went through 3 different tuners before I met Doc, talked with several different folks on the forums and was in the process of learning how the SERT software worked because I was having issues with Decel popping and could not get a resolution. I eventually worked everything out of that bike and swore off ever making an adjustment again and if I did I swore only Doc would tune my bike. I decided to purchase a 2011 Electra Glide Classic. I told my wife that I wouldn't tune anything - that at most I would put on slip-ons. That was before I found out there was a CAT in the headpipes. In the beginning I figured I could work through it - but here in Florida 300 plus degrees rising up under your leg gets super hot really quickly. I sent a note over to Doc about what I could do and he told me to take a look at the Jackpot headpipes. I went to the FuelMoto website, looked over the combinations and sent Jamie several emails asking questions. Each email was met with a reply and Jamie told me to look at the Jackpot headpipe and Jackpot Dyno tuned muffler combination. I took a look and for my simple 96 inch motor it appeared that this combination would get me 14 more hp and 14 more pounds of torque. I must admit I was very skeptical at this point looking at the dyno charts posted on the website - but FuelMoto has a great reputation and Jamie and his staff were very friendly and customer oriented so I decided to take a chance. The parts arrived in 2 shipments as I had to wait for the headpipes because they were on back order - but I still only waited a week for all of the parts to arrive. I also ordered the Arlen Ness Big Sucker stage 1 kit. Opening the box on the mufflers I was pleased, noticed that one core was smaller than the other - which is what I expected. When the headpipes arrived I was very pleased with them. I have installed a few sets of pipes in my day and I must say that these were the most precise, well welded set of pipes I have ever had my hands on. I installed everything within a couple of hours and everything went smoothly. The only issue I thought I had was that the headpipes didn't appear to go deep into the heads where the flanges were. After talking with one of Jamie's techs and going over it we determined that it was installed as expected. The only hiccup was that the bolts had about 2 threads showing - which is normal. There were no exhaust leaks. I took the bike over to Doc's Performance Tuning in Mineola, Florida. As I promised myself before, this was the only person who was going to tune my bike. As I stated earlier he demonstrated an immense amount of knowledge to me that nobody else had been able to do from my previous experiences. I also have heard by word of mouth and seen many bikes get tuned from him so I was confident that he was the man for the job. He is about 100.00 more than most - but I wanted it done right and I don't want to fool around trying to do it myself this time and 100.00 is worth it to me. I took the bike up today and he tuned it for about 3.5 - 4.0 hours. I watched him go through all of the high ends and low ends and do the vtuning. He is very meticulious and precise, goes through all of the cells and doesn't skip or shortcut. Most of the time I snuck up to the window and he never saw me watching what he was doing - and I watched I saw first hand that he was following the tuning recipe that he preaches to the students he teaches.


Doc's Performance Tuning

Its always a pleasure to do business with someone who tells you what they are going to do, then does it. The results are what he said they would be.
Having dealt with some other tuners that left me with more questions than answers, and results no better than I could have gotten using the auto-tune feature myself, I went to Doc, after the recommendation of this forum. I didn't have some complicated assortment of parts that required a master tuner to extract every last foot pound of torque, just a bike that I wanted to run better.
When Doc started the down load of TTS Master Tune to the Bike a problem occurred because the previous owner had a Map down loaded that wasn't even for that year bike and Master Tune would not over write it. A couple phone call and a couple of emails and the problem was solved. He didn't have to take care of it that way....that's just Doc. He could have made me make a trip to the Harley Dealer and spent $150.00 dollars to get it fixed. But he didn't. Next the 02 sensors were not functioning correctly. Let the bike cool down and Ill change them when we get back from lunch. He took my Wife and I to lunch which was totally unexpected.
Watching him work was interesting since their is a window in the Dyno Cell you can watch everything he does, and hear the motor smooth out as he moves from cell to cell and screen to screen on the computer.
I wont get into dyno numbers because, I didn't go their chasing any. I just wanted some tuning problems fixed. Doc delivered everything he promised and more, he went above and beyond what I expected. The bike ran better than it ever has.
From his immaculate clean shop, to his friendly little dog Rocky Ray, it was an enjoyable experience. I was impressed with his knowledge as a tuner, but I was even more impressed with Doc as a person. Thanks Doc.


Doc, all I can say is “Your The Man”!

 Happy Happy!

 I have had some Evos, that I put Andrews EV27’s in and Mikuni carbs, and dyna single fire ignitions in and tinkered with them and people have said they ran light scalded apes, even rode my own back and forth from cocoa beach to Texas every year, and have missed that feel ever since, I went to a twin cam, which I went big bore and was really never happy with, I was not really impressed with the M8 until now.

 I am glad I met you, and you assured me I would be happy with this set up.  Had plenty other things I could have spent my money on, but our upgrade is exactly what I wanted and and completely happy with.

 I am one of those guys that is a stickler for detail and drivability.

 You hit a home run!

 Thank You!

 Vince Nelson


Emory Clary‎ to Doc's Performance Tuning

Here is my story of my 17 limited, at the 1000 mile service I got V&H power duals, SE air cleaner, TTS tuner, and dyno at the dealer, little more power yes. Still running too hot, problem with low idle, taking off, starting after short stop for gas or meal, dyeing sometimes at stop light, went back to dealer problem not found. Even I couldn't duplicate at that time.

I was going to let Harley do stage 3 stuff but after discussion found my power train warranty canceled due to TTS tuner. I went to an out of state shop and installed real camshaft, dyno tuned there, I got way more power now, runs 100% cooler, only gas mileage went way south, it had a great sound, just way too rich everywhere. Checked around and found DOC. Road trip now, best mpg 35 on way there, Doc worked his magic for few hours, explained what all was wrong with previous tune, proceeded to correct, after few runs on dyno and expert tuning- power and torque up just a bit from before. Engine runs smother, still great sound, power and torque curves way better, drivability greatly improved, Doc explained everything he was doing through all steps, Doc was very informative all that day, great guy and professional. After high speed return to Georgia up I-75 and back to normal driving gas mpg went to 43+ couldn't be happier, the bike is happy also, no heat issue either. Moral of my story would be, if you’re looking for more performance with a H.D. bike, contact Docs Performance tuning, great guy-great work, reasonable price also. Doc is the best.


'18 114-in Stage=4 with TTS cams and TTS tuner

After shitty service from the Stealership, I took my sputtering and coughing '18 RG Special to Doc's Performance Tuning in Mineola Florida. Doc has already built two of my previous CVOs into monsters so i felt pretty comfortable he could fix the mess the Stealership service department had caused. With only 1,500 miles the bike was trying to stall when I dropped the clutch and the check engine light was throwing rear O2 sensor codes. Doc removed the HD 515 crap cams and replaced them with TTS 200s. After new cams, lifters, push rods and a TTS tuner it was time for the Dyno. Doc turned my POS into a 123.5 HP / 123.3 ft/lbs of stump-pulling torque rocket ship. Doc is the master. He has added so much performance to my investments over the years and improved the reliability over the HD prescribed offerings.

Took my anemic Road Glide to Doc for a wellness-check.  The local dealer ( who I won’t call out ) had installed the rings bent and managed to crush and oil seal in the oil pump.  The bike was using a quart of oil every four hundred miles, popped and backfired, and ran only mediocre.  This was AFTER they had done a Stage IV upgrade.  It dyno’d a weak 104 ft lbs of torque and 103 hp.  You can imagine my disappointment.  Doc tore the bike down and found the shoddy workmanship performed by the dealer and fixed it right.  Then the 259e cams were swapped out for TMAN 625s and the RC Component mufflers with 2.5 inch baffles were swapped for Fullsac units with 2 inch baffles. The SERT was scrapped in favor of a TTS.  Without going into a lot more detail,  the bike now has 10% more torque and power, is a blast to ride, and still sounds like a well-tuned Harley.  My smiles-per-mile went up 100%.   Doc and I are already talking about a build on my ’03 Road King.



+ 1 On Docs Performance ! On my 12’ Roadglide Custom , I added the V&H power duals , twin slash slip-ons, Drak A/C , & S&S M103 cam , w/ the FP3. The FP3 just couldn’t ( or it was me ) get it “ perfect” . Bought it to Docs , he took the FP3 off & did the dyno w/ the TTS . The bike was as smooth as butter , in every gear & RPM range . Best $1000 I spent . Got 110 HP & 110 Torque . Last month I traded my 12’ , for an 18’ road glide special. I called called Doc , and express my concern over voiding my warranty. His response was, “would you rather have a bike that runs like sh** , For the next two years, or have a bike that runs perfect” . Great point, but still worried about the warranty . The #’s I am seeing on Fuel Moto website, appears the M8 will be an awesome platform for mods ! When I’m ready to Pull the trigger Doc will be the man !!!!

Doc is the man! Doc installed my cams, air cleaner, pipes, and tuned my 17 Glide. I couldn't be happier. Doc is a master of his craft, taking time to explain every detail, and educate me on the finer points of tuning. He is the only tuner that I will use. I cannot praise his work enough!

I just want to remind everyone about Doc at

He is a stand up guy!

Reputable Harley tuners around here are rare so I set about getting a (TTS) tune together myself - with lots (and lots) of help from Mayor, and others in this forum.
I knew the tune was ok, but felt it could have been stronger. I asked Doc if he'd have a look at it for me. 'Sure-send them over' was the reply.
So - I sent a bunch of files including the tune, and the Vtune files, along with vtune data. 
Doc went ahead and analysed the files, gave me some email advice...and then would not accept payment! 

If anyone's looking for someone they can trust - there's your guy.
Thanks Doc - thanks a bunch. 


Brian Saunders reviewed Doc's Performance Tuning — 5 star 

Every now and then you come across an individual that is simply above the rest, Doc is that guy. Doc is knowledgeable, honest and a pure perfectionist. In all my years of messing with bikes, I have never rolled throttle and experienced the smooth acceleration that is delivered by one of Docs tune ups. If power is what you want, you want Docs hands in on it. I am the owner of a 2016 FLTRU that pulls 120 hp and 122 lbs of torque thanks to Doc. From parts selection to making it all work Doc is simply the best. To go anywhere else is throwing your money away

Message: I called Doc a few weeks ago and after a fairly lengthy conversation, I scheduled a tune up on my 2011 HD Road Glide Ultra CVO. The bike was running great but was interested in dissipating some of the heat generated by the 110 engine. Without going into a very long detailed story, I must tell you, I thought the bike ran pretty well before the Dyno tuning but following the tuning, it feels like a "rocket ship". I was not expecting any where near the performance I now have, and didn't have it tuned for that reason, but the byproduct of the job was well worth it. Doc is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met with respect to what he does. His service is truly amazing and I would highly recommend him more than anyone I have ever met in the business. I have been riding Harley's since 1974 and know a little myself. Thanks Doc.


I have a 2009 RK with 103 flat tops, SE heads, SE 204 cams, Rush mufflers , and TTS Master Tune. The bike had a custom map from Harley dealer and ran okay but with a few problems including a bad stumble off idle. I took it to Doc Weaver in Florida for a dyno tune and it exceeded all my expectations. Not only did he tune it to make more power (about an additional 5 HP and 5 T from where it was), the bike runs noticeably smoother, has much better throttle response, spools up faster, runs cooler, and went from 41 mpg to 44mpg. The difference is enough so that it feels like a different and much better and more powerful motor. The off idle hesitation problem is gone. Performance parts are expensive and the addition of a full spectrum dyno tune like Doc did makes all those expensive parts work at their best. Doc worked steadily for several hours on this tune and I also appreciate that he even took the time to answer my many questions. It is hard enough now days to have your expectations met, let alone exceeded.


Dear Doc…..

What else can I say, that it has not been said by other Harley D. owners……

But I will comment, on what some of my friends are saying about you.


…..“Doc’s skills in perfecting the performance of a Harley Davidson

is nothing but the finest. Unsurpassed by no-one to include the so called

“expert mechanic” at any Harley dealership.

Perhaps only a few in the Country, possesses the skills needed

in order to work with a dynamometer or in his "dyno room”, as He does.

He’s manners and willingness to answer any and all questions regarding

his tuning is refreshing…. especially when the customer is welcome

to observe exactly what Doc is doing to the motorcycle in his dyno room.

No secrets.

The best part, is when the Harley is taken for a test ride……

Absolute perfection….

A customer has the knowledge that his Harley

is tuned at the absolute best it can possibly be”.


Therefore, I can only add, that I can attest to all comments

said and written about Doc.

Finally after 2 years, my Road King performs as it should !

A salute to you Doc,

with a “Don Giovanni” cigar.

November 22, 2014


Good morning Doc,

Hope you are doing well and been enjoying your vacation.

Just wanted to say thanks again for the amazing training you gave Me and the continued support that you give me. You have blessed me incredibly.

In the last month I have had a bike from the states come up to be tuned and I have a CVO been picked up today that the guy came 1300 miles from home for me to do fullsac exhaust and dyno.

I have also done 2 complete motor rebuilds and more head work exhaust etc on the way.

I couldn't have done this without you and respect you very much. Thanks so much.

God bless you!

Thanks, Si.
S&A Motorcycle Dyno

Good Afternoon Doc,

As you know, after you installed the Stage 1 performance parts (Fullsac DX header, SE air cleaner kit & Crusher Slip-on mufflers) & dyno tuned my 2015 Rushmore Street Glide Special in December 2015, I didn't get to ride it much after you tuned it, due to all the rain in S. FLA, and a few minor medical issues I had to deal with.
...By the way, it was so cool for me to watch you as you worked your magic on your Dynojet dynamometer. It was obvious that you took the time to achieve absolute perfection. I also appreciate that you stopped and explained each phase of your tune. 

I have now had a chance to ride it and have some fun with it...
I cannot thank you enough for giving me a totally new motorcycle from the one I purchased and brought to you to perform your magic. You had told me that I would be happy, and you were so right. I am absolutely blown away, and my face is barely big enough for my smile. Sounds better, feels amazing, runs smoother and is just a blast to ride. So glad I took the time to research and went with the TTS Mastertune 2, per your suggestion and one of "your custom dynamometer tunes", instead of one of the those "auto" tuners that I had considered at first.
It's NOT a beast by any stretch. That's NOT what I was looking for. I have proven to some of my riding buds here in West Palm Beach that a visit to your immaculate shop and consulting with you on the proper way of dealing with a motor completely choked by "You know who", was truly a worthwhile investment. They're ALL amazed at the performance of my Street Glide. My "stage one" upgrade will run right with some of 'em that actually have more performance upgrades than I have. They have all the noise... I have all the torque! Just because their exhaust is louder, doesn't necessarily mean it's faster. I'm convinced that IT'S ALL IN THE TUNE! The ones whom I've allowed to ride it (Gary & Dave) now know why I cannot stop smiling. It also gets better fuel mileage, which amazes me.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank you for setting me straight on the concern I had with a "non-existent noise" I thought I had been hearing in my primary. I now know that it was my ears playing tricks on me. I wear hearing aides and it turned out that they "super amplify" certain "totally normal" sounds in a twin cam motor. My audiologist actually recommends that I NOT wear my hearing aides while riding. When I compare my motor to others, it's actually quieter than most (even with my hearing aides on).
I would not hesitate to recommend Doc's Performance Tuning to any Harley rider looking for that extra magic that only someone with credentials like yours can offer. Well worth the relatively small investment and 370 mile round trip drive, when I consider the knowledge I've gained and the feeling of absolute trust I have in you & your technical abilities when it comes to EFI, ECM's and Harley V-Twins. It's like this...IF YOU'RE GONNA DO IT, DO IT RIGHT!

When we last spoke, you were a little under the weather, but still took the time to address my questions. Hope you're feeling better.

Thanks again Doc,

Rusty Marsh
West Palm Beach, FL




Thanks again for your work on my bike Saturday.  I was a little stressed when you questioned if you would be able to tune my bike with the large mufflers and sport header not helping any.  After a quick ride and looking at the numbers you where right that I was not excited, but I was not unhappy either, it just had not sank in.  I rode the bike the 60 miles home and it ran great.  It pulls strong and the low end is much better than before.  That’s what I was after.  When I pulled up my steep driveway I was very excited and very happy the low end was back.

I then looked at the dyno charts you gave me and compared them to my wife’s bike you tuned earlier in the month.  My bike was making more HP and TQ even with the less than ideal set up.  I win!  I then compared them to the Fullsac website dyno runs on 103’s with a stage one.  My hope all along was to make as much power as they were claiming they did, you made more.  Noticeably more.  I’m very happy.

The dyno numbers are nice but most importantly the bike runs great, pulls strong, and runs smoother than it ever did.  Thanks again and I will send you everybody I can and see you before I buy another set of pipes.


Just picked up my 2012 Streetglide from Docs, new tuner, cams and breather. What an amazing difference. Had some issues with aftermarket parts I installed but Doc wasn't satisfied until it was perfect and perfection was achieved. He is truly a craftsman and a tuning genius. Shop was neat, clean and customer service was amazing. Would recommend him to anyone that wants to get all they can out of their bikes.


Doc it’s been few month since you tuned my 2012 RG Custom, 57H cam Hi Output V&H power dual, several road trips of combined highway and back roads mostly two up. My bike running best ever since installed mentioned changes. 

Bike was running rough at take off had to rev up and sometimes hesitant between 2500 and 2800 RPM on third and fourth gears. Gas millage was no better than 37 MPG also at long traffic light idling RPM may deep low sounding like cutting off.

After your work my bike is running smooth through the gears and pulls strong all the way to red line. I am an aggressive rider occasionally stretching the gears up in the rpm range what a difference you made.

Also gain few more ponies and torque topping it out with MPG of 40 to 42 from 37 prior.

Little over two hours from my place but would drive triple for this results.

Check spark plugs for burning appearance 5000 ml no black build up just caramel coat on the ceramic and clean electrode. A+++++. 

Money well spend.


Hey everyone, hope yall had a great weekend. This past Saturday I spend 3-4 hours at Docs Performance tuning, and Ill be honest, I was nervous because I did the cam upgrade myself with the help of input from all the awesome members here on HTT.
I have a 2010 96ci Streetglide with Andrews 48.
I thought I was going to just drop the bike off and go grab a bite to eat but Doc tossed me and a local mechanic ear gear and invited us into the dyno room. At any minute I thought he was going to say there was a problem with pushrods, cam or lifters, as I still have a feint ticking sound around 3k rpms and above.
Numerous times throughout the tuning process Doc would stop to explain what he was doing and why. I think I learned quite abit about tuning, or at least enough to be dangerous! lol
One issue I had was my bike went into limp mode 2-3 times. Turns out te connector plug to my efi has the old connector pins and not the upgraded ones. I think there was a recall on this a couple years back.
As he was going through his process I would chime in, so hows she holding up? He would just smile and say we are not done yet. So back to holding my breath and hoping for the best. I would have hated to have to open that cam chest up at the beginning or mid way through a tune.
Three and half hours later Doc says this is it, as I had asked numerous times what my numbers could or would be. yeah, just like a newby.  He kept telling dont worry about the numbers, they can be deceiving, worry more about a happy motor.
So after comparing the before and after I could see dramatic results in the smooth curve and increase in torque and horsepower. We backed the bike out of the shop and he said take her for a spin. Right away i could tell something was right. The bike just sounded and felt like a tight, smooth snorting beast. I popped her in first gear and let off the throttle and she pulled me all through the parking lot without stalling.

Going down the road was like nirvana. All my nervousness about the work I did went away and my bike had power, smooth power, was responsive, and didnt feel sloppy or rough but felt like a tight fitting, running machine should. My cheeks hurt from the ear to ear smile rolling through the gears down the road.

Made it back to the shop and thank Doc for the excellent tune on my bike. The ride home was mostly highway and she tore it up big time. Plenty of power, and very very smooth happy motor. I dont have or remember the exact numbers but will post back when I get home tonight. I think I was mid 80's on hp and high 90's on torque. Ill post the screen shot with before and after curves later.

I wanted to thank everyone who chimed in on my posts and helped me with my many questions. Want to thank Doc for his stellar tuning and for teaching me a little bit about tuning. Its not everyday a master craftsman just lets you see them at work much less explain what and why they are doing what they do.

Bottom line is I have a happy happy happy motor and Im still smiling ear to ear 3 days later. 


Hey Doc, Took the bike to Vegas, through the desert up through Yosemite and beyond, saw the fires in the national forests, went to Tahoe and across the mountains and on to the Reno air race. Temperatures ranged from 41 to 116 degrees. Altitude from 250 feet below sea level in death valley to over 8000 in Sierra Nevada. I have to tell you the bike ran great. No decel pop, great mileage, full bore power and ran cool as a cucumber. If I didn’t experience it myself I would not have thought the amount of improvement was possible. You are the man!


Just had the 48H cams installed in my 2012 103" trike by Doc @Doc's Performance Tuning. I also had Doc do one of his impeccable TTS Tunes, the Bike runs incredible. Crisp throttle response, clean crisp exhaust notes & best of all plenty of torque and HP without the popping. The Trike is a heavy beast and ride two up a lot of the time, this modification fit the bill nicely. Push rods, lifters & cam bearings are all stock. I would Highly Recommend this mod & Docs Performance Tuning in Minneola Florida. By the way I really do not like anyone to touch My bike but Me, but this was a great experience. Would happily do it again.




Just got my bike back from Docs

Wow.. Just got my bike back from Docs Performance Tuning and this thing is a beast compared to what she was. Here's the details:
Have a 2013 FLTRX, already had Rinehart 3.5's on. Everything else was stock.
I dropped her off with Doc and after talking with him, ended up going with a ness big sucker
, rush true duals, TTS /dyno and Andrews 48h cams.
Went to pick her up and Doc said to take her for a ride. I did and man she was loud and mean. Great power and much better throttle response. Only thing I didn't care for was the sound of the Rineharts now. Talked it over with Doc and based on his recommendation I bought the Freedom Performance slash cut classic slip ons. Man, what a great improvement! She sounds so much better now!
Dyno numbers: 90hp and 110 ft lbs torque!
Doc is the man! Could talk with him for hours and just soak up his knowledge. You want your bike to run like it should, talk to Doc. He's the guy the dyno techs go to to learn from. He's honest and straight up and has his opinions on certain brands and he'll tell you why. Very informative guy.
Just wanted to share a great experience with you all. Google Docs Performance Tuning and give him a call if you are in, or going to be, in the central Florida area.



120R Tuning by Doc's Performance...




Well...I finally got it done! On Sunday, the first of September and Labor Day weekend I loaded my 120R Street Glide onto a U-Haul motorcycle trailer and made the 440 mile trek from Pensacola, FL to Mineola, FL and the home of 'Doc' Weaver of Doc's Performance Tuning. I stayed at the Hampton Inn right down the street from Doc's and showed up nice and early for my all day appointment. I had been on the calendar for almost two months and was ready to make this happen! I had logged 2,000+ miles on my 120R with a dealer break-in tune and had just replaced all of my fluids and replaced my V&H True Duals and Monster Ovals and with a D&D Boarzilla.

Doc arrived a few minutes after I did and introduced himself. The first thing I noticed was how friendly and open he was to me as he opened up his shop and we made small talk. This is a one man outfit in a small industrial park...but make no mistake...this is where magic happens! Doc was the only employee and I was his only customer! His full attention was to me and I have decided I like it that way! As I filled out my paperwork Doc got down to the business of explaining what it was he was going to do. After our was time to get busy!

I unloaded my Street Glide as Doc opened up the garage bay...I went ahead and pulled onto the dyno ramp after removing my bags and covers and got my Street Glide locked into place. The whole time Doc was setting up he was explaining in minute detail his procedures and what I was to expect.

The first step was to check out the condition of my 120R and see how she was running...front o2 sensor was dead...check! SE plugs wires not worth a crap...check! Listened to my dealer tune and looked at some readings on the dyno...Doc not impressed...check! Battery low...need to replace it...check! D&D O2 bungs too long and preventing the sensors from reading right...check! Okay...I was starting to worry!

Doc made notes and we replaced the O2 sensors...he had them there for just this reason! I made notes of what I needed to do later. Doc reprogrammed my ECM (I originally had a SEPST) with a TTS Mastertune and began his work! And there is a lot of work to do! I sat outside of the dyno booth and watched as he worked his way through every detail of my tune. An entire screen would originally start as red...but when he finished it was green. I could hear the difference in my bike as the work proceeded. Minutes turned into hours...all the time stopping to call me in to the booth and update me on what he was doing. I don't know how many runs he made or how many times he started and turned off my bike...but it was a lot!

We broke for lunch at noon and went to Panera Bread...and was I ready...we returned to wrap up the tune and to button everything up. When the master was finished he said it was time to ride, not him! I asked if he thought it was ready...he stated he knew it was ready! His dyno had already told him everything he needed to know!

I got geared up and hopped on my ride...I immediately noticed a few small started better, idled better, sounded better, smelled better...and I was still in the garage! I took her out for a 5 mile spin...and I will simply say...WOW! I had a new bike in every respect! None of my Harleys have EVER ridden this good...and this is my third! Doc had done all that he had promised...and a lot more! My 120R was now the monster that I had envisioned...but it was tamed! No jerking, no stutter, no hesitation...nothing! Just an unlimited throttle!

I have put 1,000+ miles on the bike since getting her home. I have looked for any instance of her not running right...and I don't see it! I took it to my dealership and shared my excitement...everyone there was pretty damned impressed! I rode with 5 buddies up the the Barber Motorcycle Museum last weekend...500 miles round trip. It was flawless!

Long story $$$ I have ever spent on my Harley! This is all of the high performance I will ever need...but I thank Doc for his expertise and skills in making my it happen and allowing me to have the Harley that I had always hoped it would be!

I have posted a few pictures and the SAE/STD dyno results.

Ride safe!




Last year I purchased a new 2013 Ultra Limited and wanted to punch up the performance.  I had my local HD dealer install a stage IV kit with S&S 570 cams, V&H True Duals, S&S SPO mufflers, SE breather and some diamond cut heads.  The dealer used a Screaming Eagle super tuner which turned out to be junk.  I had the bike at the shop for no fewer than 5 dynos.  If there was a lemon law I would have gladly given the bike back.  For months I had nothing but pre-ignition issues.  It did not matter what RPM range I was in high or low it sounded like a bunch of marbles in the engine.  Hell I better performance when the bike was stock.
I was coming back from this year’s HOG rally in Destin and I had stopped at Stormy Hill HD in Clermont.  I had a faulty voltage regulator and the folks at Stormy Hill fixed me right up.  While I was there I mentioned the issue I was having and they told me about Dr. Weaver who was a genius with bike builds.  When I got home I called Dr. Weaver and made an appointment to have him tune the Ultra and he informed me that we needed to lose the HD super tuner and install a TTS Master tune.  At this point I was ready to try anything.
I met Doc Weaver at 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday and we took the bags off the bike and wheeled it into his dyno room.  While he worked on the bike I walked over to a nice little diner and had breakfast.  When I returned Doc was still working on the bike.  Around 12:00 we brought it out of the dyno room and I took it out on 27 where I opened the Ultra up.  What a difference I had power that I didn’t know I had and the pre-ignition was nearly gone.  When I returned Doc asked me what I thought and I told him “It’s 95% better I couldn’t be more pleased.”  His response was “95% that’s not good enough wheel it back in.”
LONG STORY SHORT à It runs like a scalded dog, no more pre-ignition issues, more power than I’ve ever had, it runs cooler and he identified that the clutch was bad (HD dealer replaced on their nickel).
Nothing but thanks to Dr. Weaver
Dr. Leon Gonyo                                                              Stuart, Florida


Don't know if you remember me, but you rebuilt the bottom end of my Street glide last Sept 2012, installed new crank, oil pump, compensator, and tuner and dyno'ed. Just returned from Sturgis (5100 miles round trip) and I have to tell you my bike ran flawless and better than ever. The fuel mileage was better than I had with the Thundermax auto tuner, that was installed previously. As you recall I pull a pop up camper and the best MPG I could get prior to your tune up was 28mpg. This year I was able to get 35mpg most of the way and in some parts of the drive as much as 42mpg. Wow! what a difference! I didn't think you would be able to better the Thundermax Auto tuner in all honesty, but you said you could and you sure did. I tried calling in order to tell you in person, but you were busy working so I figured I'd drop you a line instead. My scooter is running great and I'm thrilled with the tune up and will be sure to tell anyone who will listen. I know this is kind of late in !
coming but until I pulled my trailer, I was not convinced the performance was any better. Seemed like it was getting about the same mpg as before but the proof is in the pudding and you proved it to me for sure!
Thanks again

Gary Scribner


Great results from a dyno tune


I have a 2009 RK with 103 flat tops, SE heads, SE 204 cams, Rush mufflers , and TTS Master Tune. The bike had a custom map from Harley dealer and ran okay but with a few problems including a bad stumble off idle. I took it to Doc Weaver in Florida for a dyno tune and it exceeded all my expectations. Not only did he tune it to make more power (about an additional 5 HP and 5 T from where it was), the bike runs noticeably smoother, has much better throttle response, spools up faster, runs cooler, and went from 41 mpg to 44mpg. The difference is enough so that it feels like a different and much better and more powerful motor. The off idle hesitation problem is gone. Performance parts are expensive and the addition of a full spectrum dyno tune like Doc did makes all those expensive parts work at their best. Doc worked steadily for several hours on this tune and I also appreciate that he even took the time to answer my many questions. It is hard enough now days to have your expectations met, let alone exceeded.





Well, after booking my appointment back in the fall to coincide with our winter vacation in Florida, and driving through 3 states of steady freezing rain we arrived in Florida to temps in the 90's. Wow! Unloaded the bike and headed up to Doc's for my 9am appointment. My work was to be Fullsac XD, Fullsac 2.0's, TTS Master Tune, and HD heavy breather. I was first greeted by Rocky Ray the killer watch dog,(LOL) and then Doc who were both ready to go and awaiting my arrival. After some initial paperwork on to the lift she went to begin the tear down. Doc had considerable discussion with me by email regarding what I was looking for prior to my appointment and it was the low end torque between the 2 and 4000rpm range for 2 up and luggage load pull. The morning was spent installing the XD, 2.0's and new breather. Doc sets you up in a chair right at the lift to watch and welcomes you to get your hands dirty with him as he is a one man army and can use an extra set of hands at times to speed things up. I enthusiastically jumped in. His work area. Doc is a AAA when it comes to his work area. Everything has its place, all tools are returned to their neat row in the tool box after each use, and of course after he wipes down the lift platform if a speck of anything falls on it. My kind of guy! As lunch approached it was time to install the SE HD Heavy Breather. !!@^**! the HD Dealer had shipped the wrong length filter element which was to long! A one way conversation then took place with the dealer only to find that the proper element was some 20 miles away at a second dealer. Doc made it clear that his frustration was not directed at me but towards the dealer that he had made it very clear what bike the breather was going on. Road trip!! In Doc's truck we loaded with Rocky Ray having his own spot made up on the center console, although he spent more time looking out the window for cows or goats on Doc or my lap!! All the time we were driving Doc was pointing out great ride roads running off US 27 and I was thinking how I was going to turn Doc's mood around! Then it hit me! His stomach. Food! I told him to pick his favourite lunch spot on the way back and lunch was on me. It was amazing how some chicken fried steak and gravy put a smile on his face again although Rocky was not a happy camper when we came back to the truck with nothing for him. With everything now buttoned up it was time to hit the Dyno. Doc has a viewing window so you can watch him at work there as well. Multiple blowers and an air conditioner do their best to keep things cool as possible noting that it was in the low 90's and very humid outside. Doc put her through her paces and our only communication was a thumbs up from Doc to me at different stages of the process. Results were as follows: Pre tuner run (stock with the new pipes etc installed) Max power=87.59 Max Torque=103.15 5th gear runs Post TTS install Max Power=97.75 Max Torque=120.11 5th gear run. As it was now pushing 5pm and a long hot day I told Doc we will just finish up the paperwork and I would be out of his life. No way. A test drive was a must. Well she now pulls like 2 plow horses and exactly what I was looking for. Personally I could care less about top end. Cost. To all my fellow Canadians. You will not find a more reasonable labor cost anywhere as far as I am concerned, especially with Doc's knowledge and abilities. Do yourself and your ride a favour and make an appointment with Doc if you are coming down. You wont regret it for a minute!


Hey Doc

I left you a rambling voicemail the other day, but wanted to let you know how the bikewas currently running.

I changd the oil over the weekend and took her out for a couple of hours. She's one smooth running Road King!

I gotta tell you, she's running very nicely! GREAT throttle response, and I'm amazed at just how smooth that motor is running now.....she just purrs! I've got power in all gears, and when I foll on the throttle the power just transitions thru the RPM range effortlessly.

I was getting much better mileage most of the way home, getting 37 to 40 mpg most of the time, fully loaded down. (my last stop for gas yielded 40.08 mpg!) My main concern was not the mileage, but rather the proper tune of the motor.....and of course, you accomplished both to perfection with this tune. She runs strong as hell, and really has instantaneous power when I get on the throttle, no mater what gear. I typically don't ride hard, but the difference is amazing to me!

Thanks again Doc, you really made this motor sing!! I can't say enough about the difference in the way she's like a completely different build!

Take care,



Hi Doc,

Just wanted to shoot you a reminder about the cable for the tuner when you get it and ask what you did with my old bike. The one I have now is not the same one that I brought to you. You definitely exceeded my expectations. I expected a bike that ran right but had no idea what right was until I left your shop. I could get on the interned at look at all the posts and dyno charts but until I rode the bike there are no words to explain it. With every twist of the throttle through every gear and range the bike was flawless. No pops or surge in any gear, low rpms in first in traffic, none! I am not sure how I will describe the tune to my friends or discuss the volumetric capacity. Until you ride a bike on one of your tunes, charts, and words can't do it justice, Now I am living the dream.


I will shoot you an email when I check the mpg.


Sincere Thanks,
Steve Burgess


Hi Doc,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you sincerely for the impeccable job you did on my bike!

As you know, I did not ride for many years, as my life and career had taken other directions. Finally, last October I went to pick up my new 2012 Road King Classic. That I was happy would be an understatement. It was 'love at first sight' and it just keeps getting better and better.

Only problem - I wanted her to sound and feel the way she looked. I also really needed her to sound like a Harley, which had been a fundamental part of my dream over the years. (Please don't misunderstand; the factory stock bike was really nice, the engine ran great, and it could have worked just fine like that for years to come.)

But..............I just knew that there was a lot more inside that beautiful looking 103 engine. I used to sit quietly in the garage and gaze at my sweetheart and imagine a wild beast cooped up in there, just needing to be let loose....... That's where Doc came in!

Doc - During that first chat with you I was convinced that my bike would be in good hands with you. Your patience with my endless questions and your education and advise was greatly appreciated! But that was only the beginning.......

We agreed on some cam-work, a little extra breathing air, some pipes and mufflers, and a nice tuning job to get the most out of the package. I believe that last part is seriously important and that's where 'Doc' makes the difference. When I picked up my machine and drove her home, that's when I fully realized that you do more than 'install parts'. It is simply unbelievable what you got out of my engine! My bike is a completely different animal, an absolute pleasure to ride, and it feels and sounds the way.............. well, it's not a dream anymore!

Your high standards don't need to be advertised; they are clearly reflected in your end product. Today, I wouldn't take my bike anywhere else for engine work and I would recommend to anyone to come and have a chat with you about their own engine dreams!

Sincere thanks Doc, for the professionalism, the enthusiasm, the incredible know-how, for unleashing the magic out of my 103, and for your wonderful and kind personal service!

I look forward to meeting again soon!

Best Regards,

Rick Overberg

LaBelle, Florida



My sincerest Thank you again for restoring my faith in excellence and pride of workmanship.
When I bought my HARLEY I knew I was buying a bike with soul, however I also knew that in stock form it didn't have a lot of heart. You certainly changed that !!! The ride back to Daytona was the best 75 miles I have put on the bike. Powerful and smooth just like the boys in Milwaukee envisioned but can't execute due to our friends in D.C. The Dyno charts looked great at 85 HP and 105Tq SAE. But the real dyno chart is in the seat as the power delivery and drivability is in a league of its own. Far and away the best money I've ever spent on a motorcycle and it truly has changed the way I will ride my bike !! I am truly amazed at how well my bike runs now. The only down side is now I need a 7 speed tranny as it needs another gear at about 115. That Doc's performance Grin has my girlfriend wondering what I've been up to !!! I'm looking forward to bringing my son's sportster over for your magic touch. I'm sure he will be very happy as well.
My hats off to you Sir and your office manager Rocky Ray and Rocky's assistant Mr. Ed.
God Bless you Doc !!
Warmest Regards,
Dave Rose


Doc is a genius - 110" CVO '13 build


Got my bike back yesterday from Doc's Performance Tuning. Heads flowed by T-Man, adjustable push rods, larger intake and exhaust valves, cometic head gasket, TTS tuner and Fat Cat 2 into one. Our goal was to increase low end to mid rage torque. Not racing the bike but wanted to get off the line fast and have pulling power in my riding range. Exceeded my expectations. Runs great, pulls smooth and hard.

Had a good 200 mile ride yesterday. The main thing I noticed differently is that the motor pulls hard right from the start; real hard. Stays with me and at 4,750 RPM it is still pulling over 110 foot pounds. Most builds and dyno numbers I look at have real low torque until you get to 4,500 RPM. Not sure why someone wants that? When I'm riding on the highway cruising at 70-80 I'm only pulling 2,500-3,000 RPM. If I need to pass I roll on the throttle and I have plenty of passing power without needing to downshift. Don't most of us ride in the 2,000 to 4,500 range anyway? If I was a drag racer I might want the power band to be at the higher R's but seriously, who does that on a regular basis?




I got to tell you, I'm gonna call the police and report a stolen motorcycle. Somehow, under our very noses, someone came in while my bike was in your shop and swapped it out with a very throttle responsive, high performing, duplicate of what my bike used to be!

What a wonderful experience today. I had it down 27 and 60 at between 55 and 70ish mph. I filled up at Yeehaw Junction just before I got on the
Turnpike and got 41 MPG. AWESOME!

Then I filled up when I got home after going 80-90 mph on the Turnpike and got 35 MPG. That's what I used to get on a good day going 55-60!!

But the real story is the oomph factor. In 6th gear when I need to pass -
with a flick of the wrist...well let me tell you I have all the response
I'll ever need. And it sounds so authoritative.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the bike I knew was hiding in
there somewhere, and you brought her to me!



I picked up my 2009 Road King this morning from Doc's Performance after he got done installing Andrews 57H cams and a HD Heavy Breather. I cannot say enough about how professional Doc was answering all my questions and accommodating my schedule. He cleared up for me a bunch of the nonsense I read online, like cutting pushrods and all my myths about dyno results. He took the time to explain all the dyno results and explained why 20 pulls are necessary. His shop is spotless and his work is top notch. After getting into my bike he noticed the O2 sensors werent functioning properly so he replaced them as well as my head breathers. Doc got the VE of both cylinders dialed in and the bike pulls very hard. Its honestly a different bike. The throttle reponse is so much quicker than factory. It idles and starts smoother and easier. The sound is awesome. I rode about 20 miles this afternoon and got a nice stretch of road where I was able to let it eat and I backed out before the bike ran out of steam north of 100. It revs so much quicker its awesome. Enough of my babbling, truth is in the results below. Note that these are SAE not the STD a lot of folks use because of their higher numbers. Needless to say I am absolutely stoked with 93 hp and 114.8 torque. The red lines on the graph are the results with the parts installed but before Doc did any tuning. Its amazing how much impact a 30 hp and 30 ft lbs increase over stock has on my *** dyno!

So after hearing and reading about all the great and wonderful things Doc from "" "Harley Davidson Dyno Tuning" Docs Performance Tuning can do to your bike I decided to give him a try. After all, I had a stage 1 upgrade, which consisted of a performance pipe, Screaming Eagle air Cleaner and a tuning device. I chose TTS Mastertune, because from the bit of research I did, TTS offers a boatload more variables to fine tune than Dynojets Power Vision, Power Commander and Harley Davidson's Screaming Eagle Tuners. Matter of fact, Ill go on the record to state The hierarchy from bottom to top would be Power Commander, HD Screaming Eagle Tuners, Power Vision and TTS tops the list.

So once you change the air fuel mixture, either by changing pipes or air cleaner, you are going to need a tune. Most tuning devices allow you to download whats called a canned map, or basic set of variables that are close to your specific pipe, ac, cam configuration. These are good starting points, and some can work well or get you close, but if you want optimal performance, you need to get your ride to a reputable dyno tune shop. A dyno tune can fine tune every variable the tuning device can throw at it.

So I arrived at Docs early and we chatted a while about what performance is, what I was looking to gain from dyno tune and what I would actually get from it. A very enlightening discussion to say the least.

Doc then went over my bike with a fine tooth comb. Initial findings were not good. I have true dual exhaust. While they look and sound nice, the O2 sensors are not where they need to be for optimal readings. Another issue was the depth of the sensor bung. Mine were much too thick so the sensor tip did not go far enough into the pipe for an accurate reading. When exhaust is trying to exit the header pipe it travels pretty much in a straight shot through the pipe. When it hits the muffler and builds back pressure, this forces hot exhaust to walls of the pipe. So if the sensor is trying to read exhaust properly, it needs to be closer to or in the exhaust stream.

If that wasn't bad enough the O2 sensor on rear cylinder or left side pipe was way back near the muffler and reversion would effect the reading.  Doc proved his sensor data to me by showing my sensor readings on the dyno. My sensors werent picking up any readings until about 2500 rpms when the idle was higher and exhaust was backing up. So I am losing out on all that data up to 2500 rpms.

My true duals were considered performance true duals and the manufacturer clearly dropped the ball on this one. Besides that my baffles were 2 1/4 or 2 1.2 inch and I would have been much better with 2 inch baffles.

So for all of you looking to get a dual exhaust, do yourself a favor and dont get true duals. Get a crossover X pipe. This will keep both sensors by your right floorboard where they should be.

With my head hung low feeling like I just took a shot to the gut Doc asked if I wanted to proceed and that we can tune the bike, it just wont be as good as with a real performance exhaust. and for those still following along, Rush listened to tuners like Doc and made their sensor bungs short and in the right spot. They have your best interest at heart and aim to deliver looks, craftsmanship and performance with their pipes. If I had to do this all over again i would have called my tuner up first and gotten their advise on what exhaust and tuner would be optimal for my bikes performance.

So, with all that said I decided to go ahead and get the most out of what I have. Doc loaded her up, strapped her down and started working his magic. At several points in the three hour process he stopped to bring me in the dyno room and point things out to me. He really took the time to share his knowledge with me and make me aware of what he was doing and why. You can tell he really cares about his work and that you fully understand what is being done to your bike. His goal is to make sure your bike runs at peak performance and as it should. Cooler running motor with less effort, better gas mileage, instant throttle response and a motor that purrs like a kitten and doesn't miss a beat.

A true indicator of a finely tuned bike is to put in first gear and without giving it gas let it pull you around a parking lot with no lurching or lugging. Heck, any fool can show a dyno sheet with impressive numbers that are achieved with wide open throttle in a safe environment. But realistically speaking, how often does even the hardest rider ever run it wide open all day? A true indicator of performance is optimal response covering the range of your daily riding, not wide open throttle.

We were going to take a break and run out to lunch but I had something come up at last minute that was time sensitive and I had to get going sooner than later. Otherwise it would have been great to have lunch with Doc and pick his brain from that wealth of information regarding performance tuning, Harley Davidson motorcycles and saving grace from our Lord and Savior.

Maybe next time Im in the area we can do lunch and pick up where we left off.

Doc wanted me to take a quick run down the road and back but I was already very late and said I would call and let him know later that day. He likes to see the cheese eating grin on his customers faces after they see the night and day difference his tune makes on their bikes. Well I can vouch for that! First thing I noticed was the throttle response. It just seemed in tune and there was no slack or hesitation anywhere. My bike responded like it was an extension of my arm, so to speak. I had an hour ride back and my glide purred along the highway with a renewed sense of purpose, like a pack of stallions running in stride and not missing a stroke. I had no decel pop or backfire anywhere in the rpm range and the engine ran considerably cooler than before the tune. I honestly couldn't be happier. Well, actually I could be.

I would be a lot happier if I had stuck with my Dragula 2-1 exhaust that could have been finely tuned better than my mgs true duals. But in the end Doc was able to still do much better with the duals than he expected. So Doc exceeded my expectations as a person and a tuner. At some point in the near future I may sell my duals, get a set of Rush or the Fullsac X/C pipe and check with Doc first on which mufflers to get then have him dyno my ride again.

Hey, its a never ending process. Do we ever have enough or make enough mods to our rides? I know one thing, when it comes to tuning my search is over. I found a tuner in Mineola Florida who is considered one of THE BEST in the country hands down. So if you ever come to the sunshine state for bike week or vacation, make sure Docs Performance Tuning is on your list to stop at. Should be right up there with Disney and the Daytona 500.
Anthony Smith
TJM Promotions, Inc.
Director of Web Services
511 NW 48th Terrace
Ocala, Fl. 34482



Doc’s Performance Tuning 

I just returned from Florida and a visit to Doc’s Performance Tuning. Doc installed a TTS MasterTune and did a dyno on my bike. My bike is an 09 Street Glide, stock except for an SE air cleaner and custom baffles in the stock pipes. I learned several things on the trip, all of which I will put in a separate post, this one is about Doc and the TTS MasterTune.

I learned about Doc from an earlier post in this forum. Other than stating Doc is one of the best tuners in the country they also said he works by appointment only so make sure you call in advance, which I did. The appointment only thing works out well, that way Doc can stay focused on you and your bike and is not distracted by a constant stream of customers. The unrushed individual attention made me feel like I was going to get my money’s worth right out the gate.

Doc is a very friendly guy, easy to get along with, honest and pleasant to be around. He is also very knowledgeable and detail oriented. The first thing I noticed when I walked into his shop was how clean and organized it was, no clutter and everything neatly arranged, including every tool in his tool box. You know what they say; a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. Obviously Doc does not have that problem.

Doc went over the TTS and the dyno, everything he was going to do and how long it would take. Doc noticed I did not have a wheel chock in my trailer and my tie down hooks were pretty crappy to boot. He gave me a couple tie down bolts and offered to let me use his tools and his shop to install a wheel chock. You can’t beat that for customer relations, but with Doc it is not so much customer relations, it is more so that he is a nice guy doing what he can to help.

Doc gave me directions to the local Harley Dealer he does business with all the time, Stormy Hill Harley Davidson. It was 9:30am and Doc said my bike would be ready by 3:30pm, so I was off to find a wheel chock. I ended up running all over the Orlando area and never did find one I liked, but while I was at Stormy Hill I asked them about replacing, under warranty, my compensator with the upgraded SE compensator. They said they would if I paid the difference for the cost of the parts. I jumped on that deal and made an appointment for the next morning. (I had previously talked with several dealers in my area; none of them would do the upgrade).

I got back to Doc’s a little after 3:30pm and my bike was waiting for me. It started right up and ran smooth, I took it for a test ride, it was quick and responsive and after putting a couple thousand miles on it over the next week on freeways, back roads and a lot of coastal roads through town after town, stop light after stop light, I found I am getting between 38 and 42 mpg, depending on how and where I ride the bike. My bike is tuned perfectly, with just the right blend of performance and fuel economy. Doc highly recommends the TTS over any other tuning system, and the combination of the TTS and Doc’s experience and skill is a perfect match. Doc got the most out of my bike anyone possibly could, it runs great.

For those of you who are into numbers. My bike went from 71.28 max power and 81.62 max torque to 78.17 max power and 92.16 max torque SAE, or 80.36 max power and 94.74 max torque STD. I think most people use STD, either way those are pretty high numbers for a stock bike with just an air cleaner and slip-ons. Even better than the numbers, my bike feels good and is a pleasure to ride.

Thanks Doc for the great tune, it was a pleasure meeting you. And for anyone wanting the best possible tune, by one of the best in the country, make your way down to Florida and see Doc, he won’t let you down.

Graphs did not upload, I'll try to add them.

Doc’s Performance Tuning

317 E. Washington St, Unit A
Minneola, FL 34715


Hi everyone.

If any of you are on the fence concerning a trip to Florida to have Doc tune your baby, my advice is just do it! I live up in North Carolina and had to attend an annual dealer meeting for my business. It was held in Orlando which is just a few miles from there. You know what that meant! Road trip! Since I had the meeting to attend, and the wife going, we elected to trailer. I know, I'm not into trailering, but this was necessary. One benefit was that the bike rolled off the trailer immaculate. Just before we were to leave my truck got rear ended by a tractor trailer so there was some scrambling to get a rental that could tow. We were lucky on that because we ended up with a new truck with 6 miles on the clock.
We took our time going down and stayed at a hotel in Claremont that Doc had suggested. It was a nice place, pretty new out by the hospital, with breakfast in the mornings.
Our appointment was for 0900 and Doc and Rock Ray were ready to go when we got there. This complex is busy so, if you are pulling a trailer of any size be ready! Doc helped us unload and we parked the truck and trailer behind his business. I'm picky and so is Doc so we got along just fine. That’s just what I want when someone is working with my $35g toy!
We discussed what I wanted from the tune and he explained what he was going to do. The paperwork was signed and I pulled my bike onto the dyno. Doc did a very through walk around of the bike before starting his work. I noticed that he put fans on my mufflers to keep them cool. I thought that was a nice touch. I don't care for blue mufflers.
My wife is a little bit of a motor head too so we both stayed around to hang with Rocky Ray and be there if Doc needed anything from us while tuning. You can watch him work from the dyno window if you like. I wanted my bike to be at its absolute best where it spends most of its time, breaking the load two up and loaded and while cruising. I don't need a dyno queen. It was pretty neat to hear the bike running on the dyno at a load and speed and then hear the engine change and smooth out as Doc tuned. One thing that we did run into was the baffles in my mufflers. Mine are basically glass packs with an inlet baffle screen. That screen had to be drilled to allow Doc’s sensors to get up the pipes. So, if you have baffles, heads up there. After the tune, Doc explained the dyno charts and how bike had performed. He then had me ride it and we discussed how things had changed. Needless to say, it was dead on. Without a bunch of add on’s, the bike is much more rideable, and maybe a little cooler. If you have ever V-tuned you will appreciate seeing all white cells in the tune!
After our meetings in Orlando, we decided to ride some in the area. Doc had lined us up with one of his friends in the area, but somehow we missed each other so my wife and I headed out on our own. We learned that the Claremont area is apparently Florida’s “mountains.” There are actually some pretty good hills around there! We rode around Green Swamp and had lunch at Sonny’s in Zephyrhills. They even had covered parking for motorcycles! It was Sunday and there were a lot of beautiful bikes out on the back roads.
After our stay in Claremont, we headed to Daytona. The place was DEAD. A far cry from bike week! We ended up going to the space center via us1 and returning on 95 at about 80 mph, two up. The bike performed flawlessly. Great work Doc!
One thing to remember is that Doc is not the boss of this operation. Rocky Ray is the boss. Rocky staffs the office while Doc does the work! Even though Rocky sometimes has trouble holding his “licker,” he likes a ride out once-in-awhile. Picture attached.
DOc really is a good guy. if you choose to wait, there are some really interesting articals on Doc's office walls. Nice reading about the beaver!!



Just had my bike tuned by Doc yesterday.

 Here's my setup: 2010 FLHX 96" D&D Boss Fatcat SE air cleaner backplate with K&N filter SEST stage 1 download (this is important to remember) I had been running the D&D's for about 700 miles prior to the tune yesterday. While they do make a noticeable power difference and I love the sound, they do need a tune, or at least a stage 1 download, to get rid of the sporatic power boosts and dips (at least from my experience). The mechanic at my local dealer said that with only stage 1 mods, no tune is needed and that the stage 1 download is sufficient. I must admit that the download did even out the power and get rid of the inconsitencies in the power band. However, it did nothing for the decel popping or throttle lag(thought I was getting shot at a couple of times!). I know that decel popping is not really dangerous for the bike, but it's a sign that the download is not sufficient. After consulting with Doc and some other forum members, I decided to switch over to the Mastertune. I originally was going to install cams and have it tuned by the dealer, but I decided that it would be a better investment (for me anyways) to have a finely tuned bike with my existing mods than to install cams, plus it cost me a couple hundred bucks less. Doc is a super nice guy. I am very inquisitive and he tolerated my onslaught of questioning with a genuinely great attitude. He explained the process to me and told me what to expect. His shop is extremely clean and you can tell that he is the kind of guy that takes pride in what he does and really enjoys it. He is not someone that tunes just to get numbers out of it. He focuses on driveability, a combination of performance, good gas mileage and smoothness, and he even got rid of my hot starting problem. After about 4.5 hours of tuning I was ready for a test ride . Immediately after pulling onto the highway I noticed the quick throttle response that was lacking before. It accelerated powerfully and smoothly, and the decel pop is almost completely gone (heard only about two slight pops on the way home). It may be my imagination, but the D&D sounds just a bit quieter than before, with a nice low rumble. I live about 2.5 hours from Doc's shop, so I had plenty of time to evaluate the performance on the way home. I did a lot of throttling and decelerating when I wasn't around a lot of traffic. I definitely notice the power difference, but what I really like is the throttle response. No more lag! Unfortunately I don't have a scanner right now to post the Dyno results, but I ended up with 92.12 TQ (up from 82.04 with Stage 1 download) and 76.75 HP (up from 69.55 with Stage 1 download). These are SAE results, not STD. While it won't rip my arms out of the sockets or win any drag races, I am very happy with where it's at right now ( I know, I know, famous last words).

__________________ 2010 Vivid Black Street Glide D&D Fatcat SE Stage 1 Aircleaner Kit K&N Filter TTS Mastertune by Doc


Got back from Doc's Performance Tuning today , here's where we are at , I have a 2011 FLTRX with the 103 motor , when I bought it new I had Cycle-Rama install their CR-575 Cams , a Zipper's Hi-Flow air cleaner , Bassani Road Rage II B-1 pipes and tune it with the TTS Master Tuner , the results are the 1st dyno sheet posted 97.3HP 107.8 TRQ , next in talking to Curt at Bassani he asked me to install a restrictor cone in my pipe and re-tune , the B-1 pipe was designed for 110ci and up motors but I bought it for looks and sound anyway, Bassani was in development on the new B-4 pipe for 96 & 103 motors and they wanted some test data , that is dyno sheet number 2 , the cone cleaned up my power curve a lot but gave me no increase 96HP & 107.8TRQ  

Last , I bought a set of 103 heads , Doc sent them to Baisley Performance for their Super Stock porting , this is a torque to mid range port which was what I wanted , it will not produce the bigger numbers like their Pro Street port but I wanted rideable power and wasn't number chasing , Doc installed the heads and bumped my compression from stock 9:6 to 10:5 and tuned it , final 106.9HP & 113.1 TRQ , although I only had a 10HP & 6 TRQ gain look at the power curve , this bike is amazing now , you touch the throttle and it goes , seat of the pants it feels like a whole bunch more , I am very happy , THANKS DOC



Stage lll Engine *Modifications:
Sach's Polished & Ported Heads, TTS MasterTune, T-Man 625 Cams, Adjustable Push Rods, Full Sac 2" Baffles and X-pipe, SE 10.5: 1 Forged Pistons, Tit


I purchased my CVO new. I experienced a very hot running mc. Fuel economy no better than the mid 30's.

Less than 10 days and 950 miles into ownership, after filling up I hit the Start button and heard what appeared to be a bolt falling thru the engine. The bike wouldn't start so I pushed it off to a parking spot at the gas station.

I called the dealership and they advised me to call HOG Towing to get it to the dealership about 25 miles away. Made the call and got the bike to them. After 4 days at the dealership they finally got to it and found that one of the valves didn't seat properly causing it to shear the other valve when it opened, taking out the spark plug and tearing up the piston's face.

Harley gave us the choice, they would fix it under warranty at no cost, or allow me $1,400 credit towards engine mods. I decided to take the credit and mod the bike to Stage lll above.

The engine was running cooler and more powerful. However the bike was now struggling to get over 30 mpg after being dynoed. For the next 5K miles I couldn't get better than 32 mpg. My dealership said that was normal, be happy.

After researching here I was told to give Doc Weaver a call with my issues. Doc is one of the best tuners on the East coast am told. He's about 140 miles from me. I gave Doc a call told him my issues and what mods I had. He told me that the HD SE tuner was a pos that it can't be dialed in precisely to specs. That he would use a TT Master tune.

I made the appointment and got to his shop early one morning. As he let me ride the bike into the dyno room he told me that I had hesitation in my throttle by wire, which I didn't notice before but do now

Doc first showed what my dealership got as dyno numbers and it's fuel map. The fuel map was nearly all in the red at every rpm, (red bad).
Doc spent 4 hrs on the fuel map alone, got all the red out into mostly white and some yellow.

We then broke for lunch which he was kind enough to treat. Came back and spent the next 2 hrs tuning the bike. The bike gained another 12 HP over the dealership's dyno. And several more pounds of TQ. Paid him $850 for the TT Master tuner replacement and dyno time.

First thing I notice, touch the throttle and the bike moves with authority. Second thing noticed, Bike was running slightly warmer than the dealership tune by my seat of the pants. Third thing I noticed, the gas needle wasn't moving as quickly towards the half fill mark. On my fill up I got 43 mpg! The bike is running like a Swiss watch with much more power and better fuel economy! What's there not to like. After about 25K miles I will break even on my redyno and replaced tuner.

This bike is now FUN. There's no way I would own another stock CVO from the current crop of CVOs without engine mods. Screw the Stage l and go Stage lll.

As for it will never be fast. As long as it will out run the GL1800 Gold Wing, IT'S FAST!

BTW my dealership will still honor my original HD warranty





Thanks for tuning my bike last Saturday. You have done a fantastic job and I am extremely pleased. The Bike is running better then it ever has.

As for the exhaust leaks, I have not done anything about it yet.

Road home on Saturday after the tune and road two up on Sunday. Put about 125 miles on it after the tune on Saturday and Sunday and I am very Pleased. As you said, it will feel like a different Bike. At 60 MPH it purrs like a kitten and acceleration, you can hear it roar.


Thanks for a fantastic job!


Ed Koroshetz

2003 Road King Classic

Land O Lakes, Fl.



Well here is what I have to start:
110" motor
Stock heads
.030 Cometic Head gaskets
Andrews 54 cams
Stock TB
Stock Ventalater air cleaner
Drago's Dragulas 2-1
TTS master with Fullsac stage II map

The bike ran well and the only real issue I noticed was an occasional pop or spit if I crack the throttle before a down shift. Milage going to Flordia was a little over 40mpg. I compared with a 2010 - 96" road glide only mod a SE muffler and our gas consumption was only .4 gal difference.

Monday morning at 9am I arrived at Docs. Doc told me his computer had crashed last friday and he paid $650 to have a hard drive put in it. He then spent all day sat. reloading all his programs etc. Doc had arrived at 6am and finished the bike he had on the dyno during the crash. He had me ride my bike up on the dyno and got started.

First thing Doc did was check my O2 sensors and find my rear sensor was not working and my front was lazy. He showed me what a good sensor looks like on the computer screen. Doc had them onsite so I told him to install, both. Once installed he pulled them up on the screen and both worked fine. I got a thumbs up from inside as I watched thru the window and could see them on the computer. Next thing he dumped my fullsac map and put one of his in. He worked on it for a hour or so and we all took a lunch break. One of Doc's buddies Ed stopped in and had lunch with us. Back at the dyno. Doc worked hard on it most of the afternoon. Interesting to me to watch that he had it in 5th gear idling and filing in tables at 800 rpm. Later he told me this would make it allot smoother when trying
to idle accross a parking lot. Well some where along the line Doc was doing a WOT run and his computer got the windows blue screen of death! Well I thought I was screwed. Doc opened the doors and we exchanged ideas and decided to reboot and see what happens. Well it came back up ok and he was able to continue. Man my heart was in my throat. Well finnaly Doc opened the Dyno and said take it for a ride. I backed her out and right away as I started it the sound was different. A little more crisp. I rolled out in a 35 zone and it felt like it wanted to go. Donut followed me and as we turned out on the highway I turned her lose and I was at 100mpg in an instant! I looked in my mirrors and Donut was a dot behind me. I went a few miles up the road and then returned to Docs. I was smiling from ear to ear! Well the proof is in the saddle and I am happy as they come! When I got back Doc took me into his office and spent an hour tuning up my brain. He showed me some other dyno charts and how I lost 15 ft/lbs of torque right off the line. The better setup would have been to keep the stock 255 cams and flow the heads. I got some great info on pipes, heads and cams. Doc did a great jog explaining things to me. So the final result was 98.6hp and 110.63 Ft/lbs of torque SAE.

I stayed in the area the next day to make sure it felt ok. We rode around Minneola and meet Doc and a friend for some great Mexican food for lunch. Doc made a great impression on me. He was more than just somebody who tuned my bike and sent me on my way. I feel like I made a friend. Now the big question. Dyno tune or canned map? Absolutley dyno tune hands down! The difference in the way my bike runs was amazing.

I left Flordia and headed for New Orleans. I spent 2 days there and picked up Beefy who flew down from Cincinnati. When I left New Orleans We had way too much stuff! We both over packed and then bought a bunch of stuff in NOLA. We rode out in the rain and front wheel was scary light! We rode out in the rain and when I stopped to remove rain suits I moved the ARS on my WP shocks to the stiffest position. This helped allot with the load. Once in Memphis We went thru all out stuff and got 30lbs of stuff to mail home. Off to Saint Louis a little lighter and much better ride. Made it To LeClaire Iowa. We stayed 2 days and rode home to Kentucky. The bike ran great the whole way. The throttle responce is so quick and it does not seem like you can ever bog it down just twist the throttle at any rpm and it goes!

For my money Doc is the man and I would not hesitate to make the trip to Flordia again for a tune!!!!

Thanks DOC!!!!!!!!!!!


Let me start off by saying that I've read/researched until I was cross eyed!

My requirements where respectable power where I ride most often... with as much stock reliability as possible. After riding a '99 King that I'd worked over last year (big bore, ported heads, gear driven Andrews 26's, PCIII) I found that after I purchased my RGU in January, well... to put it bluntly... the stock epa 103" is a PURE SLUG. (IMHO, of coarse!) I don't abuse my machine, but when I roll the throttle... I'm asking for "it," and "it" needs to deliver. The RGU was so bad so that, I'd often ride my king.... even though I'd purchased my "dream bike." On top of that... the heat from the cat made me wonder how Harley ever sold even one of these bikes in the summer!

A call was made to Doc Weaver, and I expressed my concerns.
Although he told me that the 4" Rineharts weren't the best performing slip ons, he understood my decision for "the sound."
The cam suggested wasn't even on my radar. He described it as the equivalent to the 255, just moved to the right a bit. "It won't rip your arms out of their sockets, it's got a nice smooth pull all the way through," he told me.

Given his advice, that's the direction I went. I ordered the cams and accomplished the cam swap, along with the big sucker, Fullsac x pipe, and 4" Rineharts the weekend prior to the appointment on the dyno.

On March 9th, a buddy of mine and myself had "our day" at Doc's tuning performance. He tuned my bud's that morning, and mine was tuned after lunch. The TTS had been purchased prior to arriving at Docs... I payed for nothing more than the tune.

The man is a MASTER.... plain and simple. He's got a complete understanding of the twin cam, and what is proven to work. He's been doing this for a very long time and can prove factually what works and why. Opinionated? Heck, yes.... he is! He's very passionate about what he does. He's been silenced on this forum, as well as others. I for one feel that it is a crying shame, and a tragic loss of a wealth of valuable information.

If your contemplating any engine modifications to your ride... you owe it to yourself to at least call and discuss it with Doc. He doesn't manufacture anything. Yes, he sells the TTS Mastertuner, and can defend why he considers it the premier tuner on the market. I traveled 987 miles round trip for the privilege of having my bike tuned by Doc. Now that I've experienced his passion for excellence, I'd not hesitate to travel twice the distance.

Your decision for your motorcycle, money
, and time is up to you.

I'm completely confident that "THE MAN" has given me the motorcycle that Harley Davidson intended for the RGU to be!




Ok guys here it is.had my motor on my 09 serg built to a 117. Spent all the money,did it all up at a reputable builder.Big machine shop, cnc machines,got thier own line of motors. Took my bike home and wtf my wifes stock 10 sesg makes me look like I am riding a scooter.So Im pissed.Bring it back to the builder,they check it retune it and say its all set.Now decell popping, runs so hot I feel like Im in a steel mill,flattens out mid throttle,no pull,hard starting,throwing codes,throttle lag bad,throttle response sucks.Bring it back builder says all set one more time. Same crap.Now Im stuck.Supposed to go to Sturgis Mon 7/ 23. Make a post on the forum and this guy Doc says he can help me.He doesnt know me from a hole in the wall. He says send me your map,I do and he says this is the wrong map for your build.So he sends me a new map I plug it in and HOLY MOSES,I have a monster.Now i do a vtune and blend with his assistance and OMG this bike runs better than when it was brand new. Very little heat, throttle response like no tomorrow seam less power all the way up. I cannot believe a person can tune a motor from 1200 miles away better than the builder can thats in my back yard. The map he sent me without even hearing my motor was perfect. I am going to go to his shop in Minneola FL this winter for a super tune and cannot wait. Docs Performance Tuning is the perfect name for this guys business. I am thankfull that I found him on this forum.Thanks again Doc.



Hi Doc,

You may not remember this as it has been a few years ago and you have tuned a lot of bikes but I just found this message in my stored messages

and had to respond about the baffle wrap part.

We bought a home in South Central Arkansas in February that winter as renting in Florida was getting way too expensive for our winter get a ways.

We leave this 08 Road King at our home there in Arkansas and have our Heritage and our other Road King here in Iowa.

Last winter was a very mild one especially in Arkansas and in February the temps were in the high 80's and low 90's quite often and I noticed that

our Road King was running a bit hotter than normal since it is usually in the 60's and 70's while we are there. Even with the Jagg 10 row cooler it

was hitting 235 on the oil temp dip stick. Not that awful high but when it would get that hot the idle would get a bit rough and it would kind of sag

out a bit when taking off from a stop. It also felt a bit down on power when the temps got that high.

When starting cold, the idle has always been a bit smelly rich but very crisp so it never bothered me, besides Cindy is always on the back where it's

stinky !

So I thought maybe it was just a tad lean in cruise mode and that was why it was running that warm on the hotter days even with the oil cooler.

I had this brilliant idea that maybe if I put the wrapping back on the baffles that it might richen it up just a little. Thought of you and grinned the

whole time I was doing it.

OK, so now the part that just boggles my mind but probably easy for you to understand as a tuner. - after I put the baffle wraps back on, it no

longer was stinky on cold starts, it runs about 10 degrees cooler at the same outside temps as before, it no longer sags out on take offs, it feels

noticeably stronger, and it picked up about 5 mpg better mileage ! Cruising at 55-60 on the highway, lots of hills and curves in Arkansas highways

so I'm into the throttle a lot, I consistently get better than 40 mpg and many times over 45 mpg. I'm just amazed that such a small change

could affect that many things so favorably. Had to share that with you, and yes, I know I should have followed your advice sooner !

Cindy still tells people about the great tuner in Florida that turned our bike into a pleasure to ride at a very reasonable price and even gave us

rice crispy treats while we waited.


Hope you are doing well and your business is good,

John and Cindy Yates




I had Doc from Doc"s performance tuning tune my bike. He installed the TTS. And spent five hours tuning my 2010 cvo ultra. It has never run so strong and smooth until Doc tuned it. He has a very clean shop. And he is not happy until you are. He is located in Minneola Florida. Bob.


Just got back from Florida, trailered my bike over there and had Doc Weaver from Doc's Performance Tuning do some work on my 11 Ultra Limited. Had him install SE254E cams, Fullsac X/C pipe, Freedom Performance mufflers, TTS Master Tune and he also tuned it. I already had the SE air filter. The initial test ride was really good and i am very pleased with the out come. I was not looking for a hot rod i just wanted something with a little more passing ability on the highways. The 254 cams work well in the rpm range i ride in.The engine starts easier and is much more smoother now, especially at lower speeds. It made 87.12 HP and 103.12 Torque. Not really concerned much about the #s just seat of pants feel, and it feels pretty good right now.Only have 300 miles on it so far, fuel mileage didn't really change. I ride 200 miles between fuel stops, add 5 gallons of fuel and it has not changed. i usually ride 70 to 75 mph but i also use cruise which helps. I have to say my experience with Doc was a good one and i would do it again in a minute.


Many of you know of and many of you have patronized Doc's Performance Tuning. I'd just like to echo all the positive posts about Doc. The guy really knows his stuff. I bought my 2012 FLHXSE3 in April it ran okay but after changing out the exhaust it never really ran "right". I tuned it as best as I could and was rather happy with it in all respects except it didn't like to idle, or more to the point loaded up on idle and backfired or choked down completely on take-off. I decided enough was enough and made an appointment with Doc. Let me tell you.... WHAT A DIFFERENCE I had not noticed my bikes lack of power below 3k RPM before. I read all the posts on here where people say "Keep the RPM's above 3k the CVO really wakes up above 3k RPM!" Well I'm here to tell you to get the darn thing tuned.... because after doc did his thing I now have power to spare throughout the RPM range. Doc was gracious, he answered all my questions honestly... even though I might not like to hear his answer. Like my exhaust being REALLY restrictive He did a GREAT job, my bike runs as good as it can considering my mufflers are, in his words, plugged completely off. I'm going to have head work when my warranty runs out and Doc will be doing it for sure.

Advice? Bite the bullet and spend the money it's worth it!

Thanks Doc!


I personally met Doc over a year ago through one of his successful students who manages a Honda shop and works on my other bikes. I have always kept a Harley as well, currently an '06 Streetglide, bought new a Gator Harley. Before delivery was taken I added a big bore kit (95"), Andrews G37 Cams, Race Tuner, and Vance & Hines ovals. I had another student of Doc's dyno tune the bike after the work was done, as the shop did not have a dyno. It had 80.18 HP and 88.64 torque. When Doc opened his shop I started hanging out there and helped him setup the dyno room prior to opening. What I have observed personally and know of Doc is that he is without a doubt the most meticolous, knowledgeable Harley mechanic I have known. My first Harley was 1953. While there at the shop I have met people from all over the country and Canada who have trailered bikes in for builds and dyno tunes. I have yet to meet one unhappy client since he has opened the shop. While hanging out there I have taken calls from all over the country from people picking his brain on either engine problems or tunes, who by the way, he always helps. Recently we redid my engine by putting Basiley S/S heads, 50 mm throttle body, upgrade TTS with an HS pro pipe. The bike dynoed with 102.06 HP and 103.04 torque . The bike runs great throughtout the whole RPM range and is getting 39.72 miles per gallon. Through hanging out there Doc has now become a close and very honest friend who has an excellent reputation as a leader in the Harley Performance World. I could not be happier with the bike and will continue to refer business to Doc because he is the best I have found!! This is not just an opinion but fact.


I have known Doc for a few years and yes, I consider him a good friend. At this point, he has built a 103" motor for me, is preparing to build another this summer, has performed cam upgrades and tunes on two bikes and also tuned two others – or, I should say, fixed the tunes on those two bikes when they were tuned badly by somebody closer who was recommended to me. At all times, he has been professional and man, does he know his stuff. They bikes he has worked on for me run great and his tunes are the envy of my riding friends. I highly recommend his services to anybody looking to get their bike tuned right and I stake my personal reputation on that recommendation. I should also add that I drive eight hours each way from Augusta, Georgia to have Doc work on my bikes. It is well worth the trip.

Went to Docs performance tuning north of Orlando fl weds and thurs and I am beyond happy with the results. Doc asked me what type of rider I am tourer aggressive etc... And what RPM band I like to use the most. He then recommended
The following rush true duals, SE 254e I have monster ovals and a SE air filter.after installation he dyno tuned the bike. His level of knowledge and professional abilities is well beyond the vast majority of so called Harley tuners. The bike is smooth as silk at high speeds low speeds doesn't matter. Gas millage 38 at 80...... Plus he is a great guy to learn from . He works by appointment only but you will be in the shop with him learning if you choose. My questions were non stop but each one was answered. I was more fun then ...I now understand how much bad information is out there. Performance is about balance not numbers. This is not the same bike I came in with.......maps are maps and a detailed tune is in another class if you have the cash.......Doc is five star recommended .....good guy as well

My 103 RGU tuned and built by Doc ________________________________________

I can't tell you how happy I am with my new 2011 Road glide Ultra. I consider myself to be very Blessed to have read about and met Doc Weaver, He's known as one of the best Dyno tuners in the business. If anybody knows whats the best combo to put in these new bikes its Doc. When talking with Doc I told him I wanted to use the Fat Cats and I was having a hard time getting them 3 week back order. Doc told me he would call me right back he did, and told me the pipes would be at his shop in a week no problem. He suggested to me to put in a S,E. 254E in the bike. i told him my concerns after having a tw7h in my last build and I didn't want to listen to that racket again, the extra ponies just wasn't worth it. Doc told me how smooth it would be and told me I would love them. From knowing Doc and his Reputation his only motive is to make his customer's happy, and I can tell you he works very hard at doing that. I trailered my bike 250 miles just to have Doc put this cam in and tune the bike. Doc told me why don't you come by in the am you can watch me in the dyno room, then at 12 will go to lunch. I watched Doc sweat in that room tuning that bike to perfection. The first thing I noticed was how different the Boss fat cats are compared to the ones I had on my 07, They are beautiful. When Doc was finally finished he gave me the map of the tune. Then showed me the charts from the tune, He explained everything to me in a way I could understand what it all meant. I only had one thing to complain about, it was raining and I couldn't take it for a ride. We went out together for a nice lunch, and the plan was I'd come back in the am put the bike on the trailer and go back to Miami. Well before that bike was going on the trailer I had to take it for a spin. I was shocked at how that bike performed. This Monday the 4th me and some friends are going for a ride down to the keys I cant wait. I have to say Doc thank you very much, there should be allot more people like you in this world. 352-4046999


Got my bike back yesterday from Doc.

 He tuned my 2011 EGC which has Jackpot Dyno tuned mufflers and the Jackpot Headpipes along with an Arlen Ness Big Sucker stage 1 kit. Not a fancy setup, not big cams or engine work - one day I may be interested in that stuff but for now I just want a cooler well running bike. Anyway, Doc tuned everything from VE tables through timing tables. He didn't skip a step - worked on it for about 3.5 hours. We started at 68 horsepower and 84 pds of torque (with the setup as is pipes and a/c installed - probably even lower with the oem stuff) running a TTS stock map. When he was done my 5th gear runs were 84.7 horsepower and 92 pds of torque and the 6th gear runs were 79 hp and 94.7 pds of tq. Not only that but the fuel line is perfectly straight for both the front and the rear cylinders. Did 40 miles on the bike yesterday and another 40 miles on it today. Long runs, stopping and starting, cold and hot and the bike runs like a maniac. I have had bikes tuned before with other tuners (sert and PC) and I have never had a bike run as well as this one does. It seamlessly shifts between gears, no hesitation whatsoever and gets up and goes when you crack the throttle. I can't stop smiling at how well it runs. Anyway, I wanted to pass this along for anyone who thought they might be interested in using Doc's services. he is in Mineola (Clermont), Florida and his number is on the dyno charts I am posting below. I don't do endorsements unless I really believe in the person doing the work and I must say that you will get exactly what you pay for here - a quality tune with no shortcuts. It is well worth the money and worth not getting halfway there wasting your time trying to vtune it. The other endorsement is the Jackpot Mufflers and Headpipes. The website claims 14 hp and 14 tq and you can see below that those also live up to the hype. I didn't believe it at first - that simply changing pipes and adding a stage 1 air cleaner would give this kind of performance but now I am singing in the choir. Jamie's crew is friendly, knowledgeable and most important of all - accessible. They are a sponsor here so you know where to get their number - highly recommend them.

I spent a lot of time at Doc's last week.

 To say that he is a great guy is an understatement. I have been waiting to do a thread on my new build, the ups and downs. But I want to say he went out of his way to help me fix some of the issues I had, being my first build, I learned a lot!!!! I'll try to make a long story short, I had to remove the rear rocker box for clearance issues, he basically said there's the lift and there's the tools, that way it won't cost as much, and he did pitch in. I ended up leaving the bike there after being broken in, due to issues beyond our control. I was going to head back up there in 4 days (when he had time open) to try to fix a vacuum leak. He called 3 days later and said he's got it on the dyno right now and can pick it up tomorrow. (the day I was going up to work on it) So instead of working on it I was riding it through the hills of Clermont that morning. When I showed up he had a big smile. I felt terrible that I felt I was wasting his time, but he was very understanding. I was heart broken, but smiling on the first twist of the throttle. The outcome,,,, it made more power than I was hoping, 106hp-111tq STD 104hp-108tq SAE More on the build in another upcoming thread. Thanks Doc!!!! Jody

__________________ '03 Deuce, '03 Classic, '04 XL Custom

Another satisfied customer here too.

 Everything the original post said, and it's the same from everyone who goes to him. He definitely knows what he's doing. My dealer did a download using the SEST on mine and told me that with just pipes and an air cleaner a tune wouldn't do me any good. HAHAHA. Doc pulled another 10 TQ and 6 HP, plus a LOT more rideability. Fantastic throttle response, gas mileage and he even fixed my hot start problem. Great guy, great service.



My 2011 Ruby Red Ultra was running beautifully with the fullsac x pipe, Reinhardt slip-ons, TTS and MAP I got from fullsac. So why touch anything?

Looking though this site , I came across comments about a guy in FL where I reside named Doc Weaver (Doc’s Performance Tuning) whose dyno tuning is said to be the best bar none. Called him and made appointment which is only way to get to him.

Had some second thoughts on my 100 mile ride to my appointment since this CVO running great. Four of five hours later (yes that’s how long he works on the tune), had no second thoughts. HP increased from 89 to about 94 and Torque from 104 to 114. Better than that though, it runs smoother and even the Reinhartds sound a bit better (deeper). Riding behind an 18 wheeler at 70 mph on Rt 4 going home, I got on it to pass and thought I was riding a V-Rod.

Real pleasant experience. Doc explains everything. Best answer was when I asked him how long it would take. He said “til I get it perfect”. Worth the trip to see him!


Lone Wolf

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Doc for eight days last year. He has forgotten more than most people will ever know about Harley engines and tuning them, efi or carb. If you have a chance to have your bike tuned by him it will be done right. Great guy.

__________________ 2007 FLHX

Doc also did my tune and I agree completely, he knows what he's doing and doesn't rush you out the door to get to the next one; very proffesional. There's no substitute for a good tune, it makes no sense to me to spend a ton of money doing this or that and then cheap out on the final step in the process. Sounds like he did right by you, enjoy



He's only about 30-45 minutes from Orlando, depending on traffic. I drove down from Jacksonville to have Doc tune my bike and I was 100% impressed. He really knows his stuff and doesn't just look to get numbers out of a bike. He goes for total driveability and all around performance. Plus, he's a super nice guy. Highly recommend you do it while you're that close.


I have to chime in here as well. Doc tuned my 2010 SG last saturday and it runs like a swiss watch now!!! Doc spent about 4 hours and got it perfect. I will definetely go back if I ever need anything else, maybe one day soon a 103 kit?




He IS the best. An honest and good man, knows jack sh!t too. Take it to the bank.






Just got back from the tune Doc performed

  And let me tell ya, the bike has NEVER run any better!! It is just simply amazing! So smooth, very responsive, doesn't backfire or sputter anymore. Its niiiiiiiiiiiice! Here are my numbers: 4th gear run: Max HP: Was at 65.49, now at 70.26 Max Torque: Was at 67.34, now at 71.68 5th gear run: Max HP: 71.41 Max Torque: 74.02 He said he was very pleased with how the tune went, the numbers looked very good he said. I'm happy, he's happy, so that was great!

Oh, riding it hard for sure!! Its amazing how the tone of the pipe even changed, and the idle! It sounds SOOOOOOO much better now. Very deep, and throatier tone. My fiance even noticed it, and I hadn't even said anything to her about it. So that was definitely a confirmation that the sound is even better now!











Another worthwhile trip to Mineola Fl Doc tuned my 2004 SEEG with a built 131 to perfection. Runs smooth stronger and efficient. Thanks DOC



Final numbers are hp 98 and torque 112 (CF: SAE smoothing 4).

I’m telling the numbers up front because let’s face it, that’s what we all want to know.

If those numbers don’t impress you, then the rest of this 3 page review may bore you. If you’re interested in why I am satisfied with the results… read on.

I stayed at the Holiday Inn express which was very nice, reasonable and just 2 or 3 miles from Doc’s. As I rounded the corner in to the parking lot at Doc’s place, I was greeted with a smile and a wave to ride the bike right in the bay. If your shy around people you better get over that. Doc is all about open communication and will tell it like it is. He’s got a great sense of humor and makes you feel right at home. He’ll answer any question and offer options and solutions if necessary based on his enormous experience and expertise.

As he began the tune on Thursday CVORick from the forum showed up to hang out with us and observe this tune. I didn’t realize it at the time but his presence would turn out to be an enormous blessing in my very near future.

As the tune progressed Doc began to notice some unique anomalies appearing on the dyno. I’m not going to explain the technicals of the matter but tuning the Fullsac proved to require unusual compensatory adjustments. It can be done and Doc can do it for sure. It was however, a personal choice of mine whether to continue or not. Doc would be the one to contact for further information on this.

I was not aware that the inside diameter of the Fullsac at the exhaust port was only 1.5 inches or so. However, in order to make a stepped header 1.75 at the muffler end, you would have to begin with 1.5 at the port end. This is what Fullsac has done. Apparently it works pretty good in many applications. Some individuals are showing some mighty fine numbers. I felt a significant increase myself when I replaced my stock gear with it. So they are without a doubt a vast improvement power wise over stock. And of course, you can use the Fullsac cores and any other 1.75 muffler with this design without any adapter, so there are advantages.

I decided however to switch over to a larger pipe diameter. This would leave my future open for any performance level of engine mods I might choose to do. I thought about the V&H power duals. It is certainly a quality pipe and looks excellent. Rick has them and is getting great performance out of them. He has the Fullsac cores and they sound great.

I thought about the Fuel Moto Stainless Xpipe but I had only one day to make a purchase. Doc’s time frame as well as mine were quite narrow.

I began looking closely at the Rinehart True Dual Xtreme. These headers are mandrel bent, stepped from 1.75 at the port to 2” at the muffler end and they are ceramic coated. Their look is a matter of preference. Personally, I love the appearance. They have a beefy aggressive look about them that adds ruggedness to the refined appearance of the CVO Ultra. I also like how both pipes slant back similar to the softail design. I’ve always preferred that look over the forward curve design. This stylistic counter balance works for me. I love mixing old and new in a tasteful fashion.

Since they are true duals the rear pipe maintains it’s full diameter as it routes under the bike to the left side. I kinda like that. So I decided to make the purchase. (No price break. Full MSRP. Not cheap!)

This is where the blessing of CVORick’s presence manifested itself. This guy offered (I did not even have a chance to ask first) to go 2 hours one way to Destination Daytona and pick this gear up for me and bring it back next day. If Rick had not been there with a willing spirit, I would have had quite the challenge working all this out. So he went, checked out the kit to ensure all the parts were there and returned Friday. Thanks Rick. You're one cool dude.

Friday morning Rick and I began installing the kit using Doc’s tools and bay area while Doc tended to his Friday tune appointment. The attitude in the garage and desire to work together made this whole ordeal really a lot of fun. We spent the day working and having a good time. Rick and I would only make fun of Doc when he was in the dyno well out of earshot. After all, my tune wasn’t done yet.
Every once in awhile Doc would come out and examine our install progress. I took credit for all the good stuff and blamed Rick for all the mistakes. That’s why when Doc would come out and ask “Who did this part?” I’d first have find out if it was good or bad before answering.

Truth is, Doc has tricks and techniques to ensure proper seating of the exhaust and I learned a lot even with something as “simple” as an exhaust install. It was very reassuring to have a pro looking over your shoulder.

After the install of this magnificent exhaust system, we fired it up. Yep, they’re Rinehart’s alright. Nothing sounds like a Rinehart. I had them on my 08 RK with their old style true duals. Music to my ears then, and sound even better to me now. I originally was looking for something quieter than Rinehart’s. But to tell you the truth, at cruising speed they sound great. Idle and decel give me chicken skin. However, if you get on it, well… you know what happens when you throw down on a Rinehart system… it’s all business.

So in to the dyno we go with the Xtreme duals two days later than my original appointment. The first thing I notice is there is no decel popping. Even before the tune, the Rineharts had eliminated all decel popping. This was obviously a quality exhaust and was proving itself to us from the word go.

You would have to talk to Doc as to the actually tuning challenges but it seemed as if he was having fun tuning these Rineharts. I felt that things were reasonably predictable for him with no extreme anomalies or unusual surprises.

As Doc meticulously tuned my bike it just kept sounding better and better. He does not rush. Bring your laptop or reading material because you’re going to be there awhile. There’s water and soft drinks in the fridge and an air-conditioned office with TV and wireless internet for you. Or, you can watch the dyno through a window.

Doc informed me that he was not fully satisfied with the numbers you see above. More on that in a moment.

But he was done with the tune and now it’s time to for a test ride.


The first thing I noticed was the engine started easier and quicker with much less effort. The actual take off from a dead stop is also noticeably easier. As I released the clutch the bike rolled out from a stop with noticeable smoothness. I knew at that moment something good had happened to my bike.

As I took her out on the road, it was like a different engine. Smooth is the best word. From take off to acceleration to decel, everything was smooth. I went to the top of the hill around the corner from Docs, wound out 4 gear and let the gravity drag me down to 1500 rpm to test for any decel pop issues and there were none. Not one. Oh happy day.

Acceleration through the gears is like honey.  She winds up like a sewing machine.

Since leaving Doc’s I did a 7-hour ride to Woodstock Georgia for the Traxxion install. That is where I am at the time of this writing.

I have all the torque I need and at 65 mph I can twist the throttle and off she goes.

After two full tanks, my fuel mileage has apparently increased an average of 2.5 mpg to about 40. I'll do more testing on the way back to NC to confirm my exact hwy mileage.

More power and better economy - now that's a combination I can appreciate.

Doc seems convinced the 110 engine requires head work to breath efficiently. The 54 cam I installed did in fact increase power but the heads appear to be stifling it's true capability. Apparently, Harley has designed the 110 to produce some nice torque but has sacrificed HP. Why? … Perhaps Emissions? Noise? Maybe both.

Docs viewpoint of restrictive heads is supported by two dynos that I personally know of. Both 110 engines installed the Woods T7 cam which is bigger than the 54. However, both engines are producing less power than the 54. It should be the opposite.

You can’t knock down a brick wall with a tennis ball. Throwing a basketball at it won’t help. It’s just harder the throw.
Apparently, the 110 can easily be over cam’d as Doc warned me about. If you do over cam it, it responds with power loss, not gain. All things considered, I agree with Doc’s findings that to realize the potential of the 110 (especially with large cams) head work is a necessity. Both the cat in the exhaust and the heads appear to be severe restrictive points in the 110.

I think the 54 might be all the cam the 110 can take without head work. But I suspect it too would certainly show improvement with even a minimal amount of head work.

As for the infatuation with numbers that some folks have… consider this.

I was watching drag racing the other day. The winning qtr mile speed was a little over 290 mph. The loser was just over 300. Both left the line virtually simultaneously as far as my eyes could see. I don’t live and die by numbers. To me numbers are reference information. Numbers can’t tell you what I feel when I ride this bike after Doc’s tune.

So there it is. With good exhaust, good intake, the Andrews 54 and a truly professional tune from Doc you’ll get good economy, cooler temps and significantly more QUALITY power over stock. Those were my primary goals when I set out on this modification/tune and that is what I got.

Could you do better with some other cam or the 251 or maybe even the stock 255? Perhaps in some rpm ranges. But I honestly believe that without proper head work, we’re just splitting hairs at this point.

Doc says the 54 runs cooler than the 255. That alone is worth the swap to me. I might gain or lose a ft-lb or two from one cam or exhaust vs. another… but the way I feel riding this bike now... I couldn’t care less.

Some good advice might be to contact Doc before you build. Know what you’re getting in to. Match your components. But don’t just call to pick his brain. Hire him to do the work or the tune. If you don’t hire him, then demand that he give you his paypal address and send him some money for his advice. It’s the fair thing to do.

Finally, let me say that Doc’s wife Elizabeth is just a delight (you got a good one there Doc). They’re both wonderful spiritual people and I enjoyed their company very much. If you decide to hire Doc to do your tune, be sure and get the address of the local Mexican restaurant for lunch. Get the chicken chipotle burrito there. Then get the address of the Japanese Sushi restaurant for dinner and get the teriyaki salmon bento there (it’s not raw). You will not believe how good that sushi dinner is.

Thanks Doc and Elizabeth.

Hello All,

 Well she's done!! We spent an amazing two days at Doc's Performance learning how to use and apply the TTS software. First day, we went though learning how the software works. We were told by Doc to do our homework and study instead of having a few beers. It was hard, but that's what we did. The second morning we were told O.K., build a map for your Trike. We did so, downloaded the calibration and started the V-Tune runs. After each run, we would anylize the data, make the appropriate adjustments to the fuel tables and make another run. After four total runs, Doc was pleased with the way that I had hit the cells while riding the Trike. Do not misunderstand, we did the work and Doc supervised and helped us when needed as a good teacher should. He made a final adjustment to one cell and smoothed out one area on both cylinders. We also marked the rear wheel and floor, rolled the bike forward one revolution and remarked the floor and measured the distance. This allowed us to convert and calculate for the proper speedometer readings. I'll need to check that with a GPS, or police radar. We also re-initialized all of the parameters that are shut off when doing V-Tunes and re-calibrated the throttle position settings. The EMC was then reflashed with the final calibration. Doc then told me to take her out for one last spin to see how I felt about the final tune. All I can say is that there is a difference between night and day in the way the Trike runs. I'm pleased with the additional power and the roll on power is truly a big difference. Although it cost us a few bucks to do this class, the Wiz gave us good advice to do this. The learning experience was well worth the trip and the Trike now runs the way that it should have from the factory. I can't speak highly enough now about how great the TTS is as a tuning tool. IMHO, it allows you to do so much more than other tuners, no matter what the advertising tells you and leaves no detectable footprint in your ECM if done correctly. Right now, I'm one happy Trike camper with a bike that I know between the the Wiz and Doc has been done right. There are some better cams out there like with 555's, but I'm happy where I'm at and still in warranty with my dealer. We have now been certified by Doc to V-Tune using the TTS. Now he wants the shop to buy a dyno (LOL). I hope this information helps someone out there looking for heat reduction and more power. Buddy.....

Dyno runs by Docs Performance Tuning

I recently purchased, ceramic coated, and installed a full beautiful Torque Hammer Exhaust system which I purchased from Dris at . At the same time I had him reflash my ECM with his map and previously posted my experience. I believe that Dris works very hard to produce the best map he can using HIS own bike and the map I received was very good as I have posted previously. Their was a notable increase in how long the torque lasted deep into the rpm range. Throttle response was good and cruising at all rpms was very smooth. So I went to my local Harley dealer for a dyno run and while the torque curve was surely wider, peak numbers were down a few Hp and foot pounds. At that point I decided I had to see if I could maximize the performance of the Torque Hammer system even further with a tune that was individualized to my bike and the climate/elevation that I live in. So after some research and a referral from a respected forum member, I called "Doc"  of Doc is a master TTS tuner and trainer. All he does is tune Harley twins and trains other shops on how to do it. He travels all over the USA teaching TTS tuning to other shops. You can read all about his extensive experience and credentials on his website. He will not reflash ECM's. You have to bring your bike to him. He has customers bringing bikes to him from all the surrounding states(including Alabama). Fortunately, he is only a four hour drive from my south Florida home so I trailered my bike to him last Friday. His shop is in Minneola Florida, not far from Orlando. Trailering a bike and riding a bike on to and off of a dyno were new exciting experiences for me. He has a modern well equipped dyno room and spent the entire day tuning my bike and involved me in the process. He even took my wife and I out for a great lunch together at a local small town diner. We had a great visit. He is a wonderful person. He tuned WOT with wide band O2 sensors and then installed the narrow band stock O2 sensors. By the end of a long hot day in the mid 90'sF with high humidity and temps in the dyno room exceeding 100+F the tune was done. Without seeing the before and after dyno charts, he had me do a lengthy test ride. The strong difference in throttle response and acceleration were immediately noticeable. Before and after WOT 4th gear dyno runs are attached for your review but they only illustrate a small part of the improvement in the way the bike rides. Every aspect of the tune was dealt with and is excellent. I know we all agree that dynos cannot be compared to one another but the difference in the before and after graph and the way the bike now accelerates(and it was good before) demonstrate the benefit of an individualized tune for your bike if you are fortunate enough to have someone like Doc that you can take your bike to(which is not the case for many riders). If not, I would still have Dris reflash my ECM as he does the best that can be done without having your own bike on hand, rather than have an inexperienced tuner install a 1-3 hour tune on my bike. Clearly, every bike and geographical location is different so while canned maps can be good, an individualized custom tune done on your own bike from a Master Tuner like Doc is better. As Doc said to me, " your two cylinders flow differently on your own bike-how can you expect another bike to flow and be tuned the same as yours?" want to see photos of the Torque Hammer system on my bike you can view them on the first post of my BST carbon wheel review thread. Thanks Doc!!







Baby Got A New Tune Today!


Just had the pleasure of spending the last 2 days with Doc down in central florida at Docs Performance Tuning and all I can say is WO


Baby Got A New Tune Today!

Just had the pleasure of spending the last 2 days with Doc down in central florida at Docs Performance Tuning and all I can say is WOW! He not only met my expectations, but exceeded them beyond my imagination. This man is one of the few true craftmans left and a professional to the core. He is very meticulous in his work. After having my local dealer try and tune my bike twice to no avail, I now have something that runs as designed.

Had the Woods TW6-6 installed, Fuel Moto X Pipe, Rush 2" baffles, and TTS installed. Removed the V&H Power Duals and V&H HO exhaust and now use the HD SEPT as a paperweight for my desk. Bike made 94 HP and 108 ft lb torque. When I get home I will scan and post the dyno sheet.

Even better than the numbers is rideability of the bike. Doesnt even seem like the same bike.


W! He not only met my expectations, but exceeded them beyond my imagination. This man is one of the few true craftmans left and a professional to the core. He is very meticulous in his work. After having my local dealer try and tune my bike twice to no avail, I now have something that runs as designed.

Had the Woods TW6-6 installed, Fuel Moto X Pipe, Rush 2" baffles, and TTS installed. Removed the V&H Power Duals and V&H HO exhaust and now use the HD SEPT as a paperweight for my desk. Bike made 94 HP and 108 ft lb torque. When I get home I will scan and post the dyno sheet.

Even better than the numbers is rideability of the bike. Doesnt even seem like the same bike.


Good morning Doc. This is Master Thibodeau, who's 96 Wide Glide you tuned yesterday. I don't normaly take the time to write an email thanking someone for anything. I suck at typing! But, I just wanted to tell you first of all how impressed with how clean and organized your shop is. I don't think I have ever been in such a clean and well organized shop. I noticed you even had what tools were in each drawer marked on the outside of your big red box. I did not mention to you, I have a degree in Mechanical engineering, and was thoroughly blown away with your vast knowledge of Harley performance and tuning. I think perhaps it takes a Master, to appreciate another master. And Sir, that is what I found you to be, a true tuning master. My bike runs perfect in all 3 circuits. The idle is so smooth, my bars barely shake at idle (amazing you could accomplish this with a carb) no hesitation off the line, no more popping on decel. And when I crack the throttle, I really have to hold on now. Thank you so much, it was worth evey penny. I would be happy to recomend you to anyone if you ever need an endorsement.

Kukkiwon International Master Instructor, Mark R. Thibodeau




Rode home non stop at 80mph with a few passes at 90 ......37 mpg great smooth as silk ....thanks for fixing my scooter. Your advise and knowledge produced the perfect combination of power torque and balance in the rpm range where I like to ride. This motor is now classic HD .....defines fun. Sounds good too......zoom


I am home safe and sound .....just a short note. I will write more latter.
First impressions.
At 80 this motor pulls hard right past the speedo s 120 mark. Bad ...very bad
From 60 up in 6 th gear pulls much faster thru to red line - no drop off
From a stand still pulls faster and harder and can not feel the drop off..... lol

I got 40 mpg cruising at 82 with passes between 90 and 100 most of the time. LoL
I think this is a great combo smooth, plenty of power , good idle, easy starting - great for touring - no down shifting ever required- I think the gas millage will be the same or a little better......
the 254 if it's not a numbers bragging game is a very good combo for a long distance rider.
The heads worked as you predicted.......very nice work my are a fine engineer and master craftsman ........thanks

Garth Dolderer NCS SME

2011 SESG
Installed a TTS Mastertune, Jackpot header, Fulsac 2.25 baffles, K&N air filter and had dyno tuned at Docs Performance in FL, (what a great guy to work with, really knows his sh!t).
I did have the Night Rider Xi-eds (resisters in O2 sensor harness to fool ECM into making AFR richer) installed from the time the bike was new, the plugs were a nice light caramel color so they did work good to richen it up but after riding with the new header they did nothing to reduce the heat. I also went to Redline 20-60 engine oil, it didnt do anything for the noise but did increase the hot idle oil pressure.
I have about 500 miles on the bike since tune and have a noticeable reduction in engine noise, that annoying rattle/ticking at approx 2100-2600rpm. I am very pleased about that, not to mention the reduction of right side heat and how great the bike runs/idles. The handle bar/mirror shake has all but dissapeared. As a career mechanic I cant explain this reduction of noise and can only conclude it is a result of the TTS and good tune balancing the cylinders (it is definitely almost gone). I will say the bike runs so much better and is a total joy to ride. I don't want to get you guys started but it should come out of the box like this!
I also wasn't happy with the sound of the baffles with the stock cat pipe, Steve at Fulsac did say wait till you change the header before you make any changes, he was correct the sound is just a notch louder and richer, when you twist it up it is pretty loud without being annoying.
I was very hesitant to do the tuner and header because of the warranty concerns but now I don't care because of how much better the bike runs!
Oh and I think the gas mileage is better but I have a hard time staying out of the throttle!!! I will explore the mileage issue on my trip to Sturgis.

Just my 2 cents

Well build was done and thought would relate my experience with Doc and the results(still need to get the dyno sheets scanned) I left GA on Weds really late and got down to FL early Thursday morning left the family and raced over to Docs place. Rolled up and there was another bike sitting in the immaculate garage. This gentleman rolls up and asks me how I am doing and if he can help me out. I am here for my build I proudly announce and I assume you are Doc. He responds yes but you arent due till tomorrow. Umm no I say as we walk to the office. Doc pulls down the clipboard and sure enough I had messed up the dates!! So he tells me to show back up the next day and enjoy the day. Spend the day with family laughing about me being such a moron and was a constant joke during the build. Showed up the next morning and rolled into the garage. We sat for a bit talking as the bike cooled before Doc began to tear her down. I have never seen a shop that clean and organized!!! As Doc worked he was uber patient answering my questions and explaining things(his days as an instructor showing through) by noon the bike was tore down and we broke for lunch. Had a great lunch listening to his history and opinions on things. Got back and he was able to almost get everything done except we were lacking some gaskets besides it was 5 and time to shutdown for the day anyways. Rather than have me sit there and wait for my ride Doc gave me a ride to the Harley dealership which made it easier for the wife to come get me. Next day I show up and he had finished things up and we rolled her into the dyno room at which point I was "kicked" out and allowed to observe a true professional operate through the window. He went through things in the dyno room and it was hot! Doc would come out for a break every so often and let me know how things were going. By lunchtime he had things on the front done to his satisfaction. We went out to Mexican for lunch and discussed things. Got back to the shop and he continued to work by 3:00 he came out and pronounced the tune was done and asked me to take a ride. I then took her for a spin and WOW what a difference. Pulled smooth accelerated out of the hole no pop on decel absolutely felt like a different bike. Doc then explained the sheets and how things played out. SAE numbers worked out to 84 HP/94 Lbs Torque, STD 86/96 respectively. I wrote my check and thanked him profusely but regrettably didnt get to go with him for sushi due to the family already planning something. Next day did 100 miles around town and played with the power. Used to be at 65 MPH passing was an adventure with a lot of prayer being used at times. With the new build passing is FUN! Got back to GA and went for a quick run 2 up and the bike pulled as predicted by Doc. Its been a month and we just got back from riding Blue Ridge around VA and pounding the highway home. Riding the Blue Ridge was wonderful as going up and down and around the build performed flawlessly!!! I had power when I wanted/needed it and when I wasn't hammering the throttle got decent mileage. My opinion is that this was money absolutely well spent and I will go to Doc's in a Ney York minute with any other bike I had or if some one asked me who to take their bike to.



48H Cams & Tune by Docs Performance! = FUN TO RIDE


Early in Jan. 2012 I decided I wanted to give my 2010 Ultra Classic, 96CI a lil more grunt. I e-mailed Andrews to ask them there recommendations for cams for a stage 1 96CI motor. I was looking at the 26 & the 48H. Gary Wallace of Andrews promptly e-mailed me back saying they recommend the 48H. I knew I wanted Doc to do my tune, so I started calling him & asking questions. He also said the 48H works great for my application. I made the appt. with Doc along with my Buddy to bring both our bikes to Mineola Fla. to get the tune. We installed cams in both bikes & they had to sit in the shop for a week waiting on March 9th for our 969 mile trip to see Doc. (round trip milage) When we pulled up to Doc's Performance & walked into his office we sat there & talked to Doc for about a hour about what he was going to be doing to our bikes. He is a pleasure to talk to & is extremely knowledgeable. The man is the pioneer in this field! We both knew for sure we were in the right place! The following morning Doc started my dyno tune. The bike was on the dyno about 4 hours with him installing his recipe into my ECM. The numbers went from 77.65hp to 87.76hp. The Torque started at 89.16 & Doc gave me 99.67 Ft.lbs. These numbers are SAE. The AFR is 13.5 & the line looks like you drew it using a straight edge! I highly recommend Docs Performance Tuning to anyone that wants to make there bike run as well as it can possibly run. This thing now runs like a raped ape & is smooth as silk all the way to 6200RPM. Doc is very free with his knowledge, he gave me a couple of pointers to do that will cost very little that will gain me about 10% more TQ & HP. I will not have to re-tune, the TTS will adjust. Thank you very much Doc for the GREAT tune, thanks Steve Cole for the TTS Mastertune!! Fantastic product! Thank you Andrews, for the 48H grind camshafts! Unbelievable!!! Dyno Sheet attatched.
2010 Ultra Classic
96 CI
Big Sucker A/C
Fuel Moto Jackpot head pipe
4" Rineharts
TTS Mastertune
Andrews 48H cams
Tune by Docs Performance Tuning!
Thank You Doc!,,, Dwayne Hubbs




Wanted to tell you that my CVOs fuel economy went from 30 MPG average to 40 MPG average since your tune last week.

The heating issue I mentioned over the phone, has disappeared. The bike is running the best it's ever had.

I've been recommending your service by way of mouth to anyone the least bit interested.

Thank you for a job well done.

Dennis Petrinic
Port St. Lucie FL


I just had Doc tune my 2012 Road Glide Skunk and I just could not believe the difference. The bike is very happy now and I am to.

Doc replaced the head pipe to a Jackpot Series 2-1-2 Dyno tuned assembly. I wanted to keep my stock mufflers because I liked the look so Doc had Fullsac replace the baffles with Fullsac 2" baffles. Doc used a TTS Master Tune.

My SAE dyno numbers are 96.35hp and 121.07 tq.

I can't say enough about Doc. Good guy and knows his stuff.


Hey Doc,

Just got home and the bike ran better than great, I was able to ride in 6th gear a whole lot more and at 70 -75 miles an hour it just purrs. Can't thank you enough for all your help and sharing your wealth of knowledge. Thanks for the ride's to dinner and back and forth from the hotel I sure did appreciate it, if any of my buddies need engine work you are the only one that gets my vote. Take care and maybe I'll see you in the spring at Leesburg.
P.S. Give Rocky a treat for


David Timm
Englewood, Florida


From Bob

After hearing of Doc from a friend and reading about him on the HD Forums, I trailered my bike to him December 2010. He installed the upgraded HD oil pump and cam tensioner system and HD 203 Cams in my 2006 FLST. The bike already had a Mikuni carb, Arlen Ness air cleaner and V & H Short Shot exhaust system. Unfortunately, the only other upgrade he recommended for a mild setup, but did not have in stock at the time was a Twin Tec ignition mod. after a installation of the cams, a carb adjustment and dyno run, the bike ran great. Have since installed a Twin Tec and she runs even better. Would recommend him to anyone anytime. Thanks Doc for a job well done.

its only fair to print the only negitive review I ever got also.....



This is my experience with doc's dyno tuning. Went by his shop on 3-27-2010 and discussed getting my bike dynoed. He advised if you not satisfied you don't have to pay for the tune. Got an appointment for the next Saturday. He spent 6 hrs in the dyno room tuning the bike got 100 hp and 106 fpt. He had me drive it onto and off of the dyno, he does not ride bikes. Took it for a test ride and got decel pop from 3500 down to idle. He spent another hour changing maps and having me test ride. He said I was trying to make it pop. He then said it was due to a 6 inch piece of rap on my one of my pipes. i offered to remove it but he said he was to tired and wanted to go home. He said that once I remove the rap it would cure my problem and presented me with my $435.00 bill which paid. 2 hour ride back home, took 5 min to remove the rap and still popping. Rode the bike on vacation and I'm only getting 30 mpg 2 up riding. When I stop at a red light the gas fumes would burn you eyes. Took him 7 weeks to get the bike back in to work on the popping. Another 2 hrs in the dyno room and you can here it popping outside the dyno room. He called me in and had me run the bike on the dyno and although it was better it was still popping. He had me drive it off the dyno and take it for a test ride. I was gone for about 5 minutes and when i got back the shop, it was closed and he was gone. Called him several times and finaly got him on the phone. He refused to refund my money and will not attempt to correct the decel pop or my fuel mileage. He has the AFR set at 11.8 in the 20kps column, he also change the BIOS from 762 down to 723 without doing a V tune run. Bike now idles from 900 to 1100 rpm, and gets 30mpg. Wid open throttle is awsome but i don't do that often