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Engine Build Pictures.....(place your cursor on the picture for comments)

We have a passion for performance builds too. This is Jerry's Dyna 103'' build that yielded 120/122 Doc's Tool Box. We are just as picky with your bike as we are with our tools. I believe your tool box is a reflection of what kind of work you do.
Dave at JD's Cycle says I'm just too anal about the these pic's are for you Dave Power Tools...oh how I love those power tools The Tuning Room....the best tool of all...!

Protecting the chrome before the build starts, the last thing I want to do is buy you new parts. This is just another way that we pamper your investment. Again taking thetime to tape up the chrome will protect your peices from accedental scratches The lower end to a 113'' build. After the tune we got 120/130...110tq @ 2000 rpm.
Checking Pinion Shaft runout is a must these days if your going with gear drive cams. When installing The Gear Drive system it is a must to check your backlash and use the proper over or under size gear to set the backlash to the correct clearance, we stock several larger and smaller gears just for this purpose. We use only the top of the line in performance parts, here you see a Baisley roller rocker. These don't get any stronger and they come finger printed to your application to insure your rocker to valve has the correct geometry.

Look at the valve stem height in this picture. There are times the stem protusion has to be extended to achieve the correct valve geometry using over .600 lift cams. You don't see many shops taking the time to set up the geometry anymore however to do the job correct these steps are necessary. Keeping your work area in check will make the job go much smoother. Dressing up the valve and seat will make your build have that crisp sound of awesome power that a good sealing combustion chamber.
Setting up valve spring seat pressure for the cam lift being used will enhance your build. There is no since using high spring pressures on a mild's hard on your valve train and it robs the engine of free horse power. Ahh...that nice fresh new big bore top end with a set of Baisley heads....what could be sweeter. Another build complete and loading a map from the TTS MasterTune....just about ready to fire it off.

Large Cam Lobe need special attention. Cases have to be clearanced for larger cam lobes, we have all the tools to do the job correct. Special case cutting tool in place to cut clearance for cam lobes.
Cases cut for larger cam lobes. Cams now have the .040 to .060 clearance needed to run.

 Here at Doc's  we do the job right or we don't do it at all.....

We have the Passion, the knowledge, and the know how along with the performance packages to meet your performance needs, whether it's just enough to wake your bike up or pull your arms out of their sockets, we have it here.

As you can see we take the extra steps to protect your machine and we take our time to complete the job correctly the first time....we don't try to beat the clock, it's all about Customer Satisfaction at Doc's Performance Tuning.


116.5'' Pro Modified Sporty Motor Exhaust Port and a 1.75 valve Intake Port and a 2.2'' valve
Setting Deck Height S&S Pro Mod Piston Combustion Chamber

Only half of the cylinder is showing Intake Port


This 116.5 ProModified Sporty Motor put out 182.4 Ponies and 167.8 Torque. The best time was a 8.6 in the 1/4 mile with consistent 8.8's.

S&S cases, flywheels, heads, and cylinders. Red Shift .723 lift cams with Baisley 1.75 roller rockers.

Heads ported by Lozano Brothers in Texas